These Amazing Tourism Videos Will Urge You To Visit These Cities Around The World!

You can say a lot about a person by the way they treat their guests and the same goes with a country. A country with a good tourism committee surely knows how to treat their guests as well as how to present their country to the world.

On this World Tourism Day, we decided to get these 5 tourism videos that catches the essence of their country with utmost perfection and urges you to visit these places.

1. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is dynamic cosmopolis and often regarded as a shoppers’ utopia, however this place is much more than that. It has great food, great architecture and great people. The place is chaotic, vibrant and a must visit for someone who loves fast-paced places and modernity.

Hong kong got various celebrities from different parts of the World, who praises the place for its vibrancy.

2. Holland

Holland is a perfect blend of culture, modernity and beauty. From the picturesque landscapes to post impressionist art (who can forget that Van Gogh was from here) to lip smacking cheese and food to rich and colourful countryside, Holland has everything that one needs.

This video of Holland tourism shows, what’s really cool about Holland and why you should absolutely visit it.

3. Turkey

Turkey is known to be a country that a backpacker must go to. It’s everything that one expects it to be, from being culturally rich to being a good value for your money while travelling. The food served here is the fusion of all good things like European, Middle Eastern and Asian.

The video is named, Feels Like Home and shows excellent time lapses and hyper lapses of the scenic Turkey.

4. Norway

Norway is a scenic beauty in each and every way, as in summer the sun never leaves the country and the beautiful Aurora in the dark in winter, should be seen by everyone once.

This video of Norway’s Tourism shows how everything present in the country can be experienced with a distinct sound and expression.

5. India

India’s tourism – Incredible India – shows how beautiful the country is. No one can deny the fact that India’s tourism doesn’t fail to impress the tourists with their beautiful cinematography.

Even though this is our country, yet this video will make us want to see this country with a visitor’s point of view and even experience it personally.

So, get excited by watching these videos and make a quick decision to visit these countries and I promise it to you, that it would be one of the best decisions of your life.

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27 September 2016

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