Sculpture, figure, effigy or ‘Statue’. Well, it is ambiguous and can’t be defined in one track, we can definitely see it through our eyes and admire them for their beauty. Statues have been there in almost every culture for a long time now, and while their history can’t be traced clearly, the oldest known statue is Löwenmensch or (Lion-Man). Researchers state that this statue is about 30,000- 40,000 years old as per dating process.

As the time ticked, many others were built after The Lion Man, many destroyed, and many still remain as they were LONG, TALL and STANDING. Though there are several kinds of classification, our precise subject here is 5 most famous statues in the world. And it was really, quite tough to classify the most famous statues, among the versatility that exist within the 7 continents.

1. The Thinker

the thinker statue
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Placed over the stone base, the nude figure’s face is resting over his hand resembling thinking, his posture suggests he is into the dwell of deep thought. The thinker is often used to depict philosophy, but initially, The Thinker was part of a doorway surround, named The Gates of Hell. While there are several copies of the thinker the original remains at Musee Rodin in Paris, France.

2. Spring Temple Buddha

spring temple buddha statue

Spring temple Buddha is currently the tallest statue around the world, Situated in Lushan County, China. It took 11 years to construct such massive copper cum bronze figure for the Chinese. The 436 feet tall Buddha stands atop of 66 feet lotus-shaped pedestal summing a total of 502 feet, almost 100 feet more than the height of the closest competitor Luykyun Sekka, located in Myanmar.

3. Christ the Redeemer

christ the redeemer statue

Located in the Rio de Janeiro, designed by Paul Landowski, placed in ‘National historic heritage of Brazil’, this statue was built by Heitor da Silva Costa. It is made of soapstone. Its actual height is 98 feet or 30 meters, if we include the pedestal it is actual height will change to 125 feet. The arms of Christ the Redeemer are also stretched which makes it 92 feet wide. The statue was constructed in between 1922 to 1931 i.e. 9 years.

4. Statue of Liberty

Statue of LibertyStatue of Liberty is Situated in Liberty Island, New York City, US. It is mostly made out of copper and is standing about 151 feet tall from the pedestal and 305 feet from the ground to torch respectively. The Statue depicts liberty, a broken chain lies in her feet, as she walks forward. Statue of Liberty is an icon of freedom as well of the United States.

5. The MotherLand Calls

The MotherLand CallsThe Motherland Calls is the product of the World War II, When the Soviet Union dedicated this monument to the triumph of World War II in 1967. Motherlands Calls stand 170 ft tall upraising a sword to the sky which measures another 108 feet. The Motherland calls is situated in Volgograd, Russia.

Shubham Kumar Bharti

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