The moment the hot, rather infuriatingly hot summer months arrive, the main concern on everyone’s mind is – “where to now?” And it’s not that hard to understand why. Each day as the earth and embittered elements hurting it are churning a molten lava kind of heat- the world is increasingly coming to terms to understand where all can one relocate to?


One so wishes that breaks for recreation or simply idling time was a constant, isn’t it?

And then, the idea of being in a cool, idyllic spot, nevermind if it’s a beachy paradise, throbs the heart like an engaging rhythm. Consider being next to a beach or tropical island to be listening to the most lively vibe of sound. You don’t wish for it to end. So when it comes to the Caribbean, where there’s never a dearth of finding endlessly rejuvenating spots- one thinks it’s never a bad choice?

For starters, it’s been said to be a paradise for revellers who love the likes of Antigua, Barbados, Trinidad and other places. Secondly, that’s not all to find in the spunky and vivacious Caribbean. Have you heard about the Cayman Islands- a British overseas territory in the Caribbean? Here’s why you’ve got to visit the Grand Cayman, the gorgeous pearl of an island among the set of Cayman islands.

Grand Cayman

Dedicated to Cayman heritage and housing a glorious museum dedicated to history, the Grand Cayman is more than just another sea-reveller destination. The white sandy beaches and the crystal coloured blue waters work up something so riveting and charming that it instantly cools you off the stroke of heat that’s been bringing you down. There are the free-flowing winds that carry an easy-going vibe that’s second to none when it comes to reinvigorating the real you. It’s one of the few islands in the entire set of the Cayman Islands that allows biking enthusiasts that lap up the admirably beautiful space on a cycle.

While mountain cyclists may think of it through a yawn, smoothly paved bike lanes allow easy navigation in a land textured by oceanic winds and tonnes of greenery. Among the best-connected islands by way of travelling through boat and drive, the Grand Cayman also presents the exciting prospect of giving one a chance to traverse through a tonnage of banana and sugar plantations.

And that’s not all. There’s the rain-forest blanketed La Grande Soufriere Volcano, rum distilleries and light-houses that make the Grand Cayman a truly one of a kind island that simply cannot be missed. Turning into a spectacle of romance when you are with your special one and instantly becoming a party destination with the glamorous beaches adding allure to your buddy time- there’s nothing as sparkling as being seated by the comforting evening breeze by the side of the beach here.

In fact, when you dive into the ocean waters, you can find turtles swimming alongside you. For those who are never missing an opportunity of visiting the churches for practice, the centuries-old churches at the Grand Cayman will leave people humbled in simplicity. There’s the postcard-perfect Gouverneur beach that gives swimmers a chance to behold a panoramic view that has clouds, hills and luscious blue waters. Try something different the next time you think of hitting a beach-destination. Allow your senses to be drenched in the comforting aura of the Grand Cayman. Experience Caribbean like you’ve never experienced before.

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