2019 is drawing to a close. It’s been one heck of a year for travel and the many destinations that the world is always keen to discover and unravel. There were some quintessential, popular and widely-visited cities of the world that are commonly regarded as the world’s most touristy cities or as some put it, the most frequently visited cities such as Paris, New York, Milan, and Amsterdam. And then, on the other hand, there are also those cities that the world is slowly but surely getting more used to seeing and knowing, such as Ljublijana, Sau Paulo, Basel, Bonn, Trondheim among the others. But with the year nearly done, the world already cosying to the idea of merriment around Christmas, have you thought about the key travel trends in 2020 that will make the news?

How is the world of travel expected to change; what will be the new trends and ideas that will top-line discussions and preferences where it comes to traveling around the world?

In fact, what according to you would constitute the key travel trends in 2020? So here are some answers in that regard that point to the emergence of new trends, new ideas, and styles that are likely to dominate the discussion in the sphere of travel for the next year.


Among the big travel trends in 2020 will be the defining and emerging rule of technology in the coming year. The Managing Director of SOTC travel Mr Vishal Suri had the following to say:

“This has become an integral part of a traveller’s DNA and plays a critical role throughout the journey. In addition to smartphones and social media, various technologies and tools are also impacting the way people travel and industry players operate.”

Aspects like AI, Big data analytics, AR and VR would play a key role in making one’s future travel plans more relevant, fruitful in this age of increasing digitization, it is being felt.

Micro Trips

Among the key travel trends in 2020, one feels would the other crucial “M”, just like Minimalism, a relevant discourse in today’s times.

So what exactly is meant by Micro trips and how would they define the future?

The Economic Times quoted:

Microbreaks will be increasingly popular and squeezing in more curated travel itineraries into shorter time frames will be preferred due to the improvements in flight routes, transport, cheap flights, on-demand car rentals, and accommodation.

The rules of travel are changing and one will be likely to adapt to a rising changing culture in this direction.


Increased importance will be given to personalized plans, as customization will be the key to the ultimate travel experience. In that regard, it is important to understand that old, rigid itinerary-driven structures will soon seem outdated and yet, at the same time, inundated with new travel itineraries that will cater to exactness in the area of likes and dislikes of a traveler and things that can be avoided in making the idea of travel a wholesome, rewarding experience.

A key rising travel trend of 2020 will be B-leisure

When business and leisure come together, it becomes among the most anticipated travel trends in 2020; bleisure!

Soon, people will want more- to extract more than they ever did even in business travel or business-driven trips. The idea of travel is to provide some form of fulfilment for the soul, not merely for supporting the financial system of an individual, right?

Mono destinations

Usually, we tend to think of traveling to a country as being some form of a buffet exercise where we stuff too many places on our travel plate; i.e., our propensity to consume different destinations often tends to bloat with the idea of doing it all in the maximum amount of time. But it is believed that this kind of schedule would take a backseat as today’s discerning, well-read and acutely-aware traveler would want to slow down and take it easy; he would want to consume the local experience and immerse in the process of travel by blending in the culture of the place that’s visited instead of being an extravagantly quick, fast-paced visitor of destinations. Therefore mono destinations might likely become one of the travel trends of 2020.

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