Shanghai- that part of the world which is star-lit by means of excessive economic expansion, tremendous development in commerce and trade and, a booming example of what real estate development can do to change the fate of a city.

Los Angeles- that part of the glamour and glib of a Hollywoodian narrative where everything runs in interesting parallels- the start-up dream, creative enterprises and, an aspiration to become one with the American dream.

But the two among the many enigmatic cities of the world are separated, of course not by culture but also by some magnitude of distance. And they are, indeed separated by miles and miles of a journey. A whopping distance of 6,479 miles separates Shanghai and Los Angeles. The closest that any flight on this planet can take you to bridge the great gap between the two cities is around 13 hours and some 45 minutes.

That’s a lot of time, isn’t it? But now, brace yourselves- some solid change is on the cards. It’s believed that only a 5-hour journey can take us to Los Angeles from Shanghai or vice-versa. In the realm of supersonic travel- where massive bouts of time can be reduced into melting distances- it is now possible to travel between the two cities in around 5 hours, at the most.


It isn’t an inexplicable or vile judgement. Rather a solid belief of those who are steadily engaged in the spectacle of supersonic travel. The next wave of travelling between Asia and North America could be reduced to nothing more than a breeze. And just who has the technology and resources to make this enviable dream a reality?

It is believed that Boom Technology, a leading player in Supersonic travel can make this possible. Apparently, Boom Technology has even raised a whopping sum of $85 million from established travel brands such as Virgin Atlantic Airways in order to realise this incredible dream. In the recent years, a number of aeronautical startups have upped the ante of development in the realm of travel and associated tech. But such an incredible achievement can actually change the way the world travels and conceives the said space, isn’t it?

It’s therefore interesting to know about Boom Technology. In the mountainous and sprawling greens of Colorado’s Denver is Boom Technology’s hub, expectedly one of the most prominent players in the realm of supersonic technology. This is not just any other start-up, specialists suggest. It can bring about a sea-difference in the way longer, onerous distances can be eschewed, thus bringing about a whirlwind change in connectivity between principal economic centres.

Interestingly, there’s said to be a lot of growing support for the Denver-based startup. So far, even Japan Airlines has shown great interest in extending support for the supersonic-based startup. So far, a great sum of $10 million has been invested in Boom Technology by the leading Japanese airliner. So far, this supersonic startup has created emphatic and pathbreaking 55-seat airliners. And incredibly so, Japan has already placed an order of 20 of those 55-seater airliners.

What else could possibly highlight the rising success of a one of a kind supersonic travel aeronautical startup?

The planes by Boom technology are profoundly impacting. The 55-seater planes are split into two simple rows with comfort and design being at an interesting blend. And the greatest element- without a doubt- of course, is the element of speed. How else, can one expect such a great distance between Shanghai and Los Angeles to be reduced. Built around a super technology that makes the planes travel as vastly superior speed, Boom supersonic planes can fly at a speed that’s faster than the speed of sound.

But there’s also some difference. While Boom’s famous predecessors- like Concorde had as many as 92-128 seats for passengers, the Denver-based aeronautical planes are limiting the spread to only 55. And that’s not all. Despite the seat difference, the price of travel isn’t whopping and still takes care of affordability, which is such a key difference. Boom’s fares are, so far, expected to be around $5000 for a round trip. If that isn’t impressive then just what is?

It is also important to note that at present, due to the disruptive sound it creates, Boom Technology planes are currently banned from flying over or around the United States.

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