This Video Will Give You All The Nostalgia Of Your First Train Ride

Whenever we see a train, it almost brings back all the memories of childhood days where the train journey was the most worth thing about travelling. We all had our favourite seats to go for, every time we used to board a train (mine was the upper berth).

Trains had this magical thing about them, they were our first adventure as a kid and I still remember my keen interest in other’s train journeys which were full of beautiful landscapes and amazing company. Along with this, I was also the one who loved to share her own experiences of train journeys in the most magical way possible because those were the thrills of childhood days.

Paper Boat Drinks released a video where they brilliantly told the story of a kid’s first train journey and we can’t help but recall our own too.

Watch the Video Here:

From remembering your seat through faces around you to making friends on trains which sometimes last you very long. All these things make our train journeys fruitful and full of everlasting memories.

16th March 2017
Jyotsna Amla