Ever thought about the 5 things you should never do on a cruise? Truthfully speaking, a holiday is what we all need. It’s something one would wish to be on and perpetually or habitually so. As it is, there’s never any dearth of troubles or work or the usual running around in life. Often, it seems that we become so consumed amid life’s endless or never-ending rut that at times, even taking a small breather becomes difficult. Precisely that’s when the thought of taking a holiday and in fact, going on one for real becomes ever so important.

On those lines, something must be asked. Can there be anything quite as good as being on a cruise ship for a holiday? Perhaps even today, decades after the beautiful Titanic’s release, we are instantly reminded of it when someone mutters its name. The feeling of experiencing something similar; standing on the dock, arms free and wide open akin to Jack and Rose; can life get any better?

It must be asked, therefore, if you’ve been on a Cruise holiday before? Wouldn’t you want to simply pack your bags, leave all the worries behind and let the hair down for a while on one such holiday?

5 Things You Should Never Do On A Cruise
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But at the same time, it must be remembered that there are some essential rights and wrongs whilst being on such a holiday. The next obvious question, therefore, is whether you know the 5 things you should never do on a cruise?

So what are these 5 things you should never do on a cruise holiday? Let’s find out immediately:

For Starters, Don’t Miss The Ship

Well, how obvious but ever so important, right! The first among the 5 things you should never do on a cruise is to not miss it in the first place.

Truth be told, this is every cruiser’s worst nightmare. Missing the cruise means actually leaving behind what could be one of a kind of a chance or a chance of a lifetime.

Things To Worry About On A Cruise

Such holidays don’t happen that often- do they? It’s important to remember that cruise lines run on a tight ship. You’d much rather miss out on packing a few pairs of shirts or forgetting the swimsuit. But do not lag behind in time.

Because in such a case (of negligence) you might as well have to catch a flight to the next port to aboard the cruise ship. Why spend the extra bit when one could simply be punctual about timings?

Do Not Hoard The Food

It’s really essential. We kid you not. Among the 5 things, you should never do on a cruise is to hoard the food. This means, storing the food for a later purpose.

For starters, it’s a bit of fodder for public embarrassment. Would you really want to do such a thing? Would you want to actually not eat to your heart’s content and actually pack food for a quick munch later?

What To Do On Cruise Stops

Who does that? What’s the need? Well, you see among the most important things to remember on a cruise ship is that food is often practically laid out for the full duration of a day.

What does that mean? It means that you can have food almost throughout the day.

But surely, there’s an excitement to hit up the buffet on a cruise ship. The food is generally a lavish spread and is cooked well. Think of it like striking a buffet menu in a 5-star property. Do you carry it back to the room or to your place?

Not exactly, right? Why trouble yourself for this when you could run into more food during or throughout the day?

Do Not Pack Too Much

One among the 5 things you should never do on a cruise is to over-pack.

Often, a lot is made about the fashion choice whilst being in the midst of the ocean! Have you heard about those people or seen some who make a big deal about picking the ‘right’ costumes or clothing choices?

What Happens If A Cruise Ship Tips Over

Surely, while packing constitutes a big deal about a cruise holiday, it doesn’t literally mean you pack a whole bunch.

Ever heard about the concept of traveling ‘light?’

Truth be told, there are a lot many people who are often guilty of overpacking. But is there any fun in it? But then we ought to remember something.

Traveling on a cruise ship means relaxing on the holiday. It’s about soaking up all the good vibes. It ain’t about strutting the literal wardrobe in entirety out there.

The lesser you carry with you, the lesser your worries at the end of the day. Here’s another thing to remember. If you are taking a fly-cruise and even sailing out of a far-flung destination then you may actually run into luggage restrictions.

But in the absence of one, would it mean you’d pack even the kitchen sink and the whole perfume drawer? We’ve got to remember that the cabin space is limited.

Do Not Capture A Sunbed

Being on a cruise holiday and not spending time on the dock is like going to New York and not seeing either among the Empire State Building or the Statue Of Liberty.

Just who does that? But does it mean that if you do hit the ‘Big Apple’ you’d break the long queues wherein people stand patiently in large numbers waiting their turn to reach the top floor of the brilliant building or catching the statue from the closest vantage point?

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Similarly, on the cruise ship, you’ve got to be mindful of something important.

Try not to ‘occupy’ a sunbed forcefully. Now, what does this mean? It means that in several cases, due to the sheer dearth of sunbeds with reference to the guests aboard a cruise ship, several individuals simply place their towels on a seat early in the morning and reserve it.

This is done so that it could be used at a later moment. This is not a great habit, avoid it.

Do Not Be Rude To The Crew

The crew on the cruise is akin to just any crew that you’d find whether in mid-air in a flight or in a train journey. They are humans. They are normal people who are just doing their job. And at the end of the day, their job is to take care of you. To ensure that you have a memorable time aboard the holiday cruise.

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Yet, some people are often seen behaving rudely with them. What’s the point in that? What has ever been achieved at the back of rude behavior?

Perhaps what one doesn’t realize is that the crew slogs it out nearly week after week. Several television documentaries have highlighted this fact.

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So among the 5 things you should never do on a cruise is to be rude with the crew that’s out there to serve you.

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