Vienna is a city for everyone. The Rich, the middle class, the honeymooners, the retirees and of course the students, the city offers everyone according to their taste. The range of leisure activities in Vienna is incredibly large.

Here are ten ideas about things to do in Vienna.

1. Schoenbrunn Palace

Schoenbrunn palace

Schoenbrunn  Palace and the Tiergarten are tourist hotspots and just about everyone who lives in Vienna or has already visited the city knows both. It is probably the first answer to things to do in Vienna. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting Schonbrunn every now and then. You can take a walk through the castle park , get lost in the maze and then walk up to Cafe Gloriette. A guided tour of the castle or a visit to the palm house are also highly recommended. A trip to the zoo is also exciting especially for children as the Schoenbrunn Zoo has recently been named Europe’s best zoo again.


Museums in Vienna

There are many great museums in Vienna. In addition to the large museums such as the Albertina, the Natural History and the Art History Museum, there are also many small, not too well-known museums. For example, the Chocolate Museum or the Coffee Museum are certainly worth a visit.

Other examples that are not for the faint of heart are the funeral museum at the Vienna Central Cemetery or the crime museum in Vienna Leopoldstadt. If you are in Vienna, stop thinking about things to do in Vienna and visit one of these museums.


museumsquartier vienna

The Museums Quartier, also known as MQ, offers many opportunities to spend your free time. Here you can visit bars, exhibitions and events or simply take a seat on the MQ furniture and read or chat. There is a famous Christmas market here in winter.


Things to do in Vienna
The Blonde Abroad

The selection of Christmas markets in Vienna is huge. The most famous Christmas market is probably the one on Vienna’s Rathausplatz. But you should definitely take a look at a few other. The Christmas village on the University of Vienna campus, the Art Advent Christmas Market on Karlsplatz and the Christmas market on Spittelberg are just as interesting as the many other Christmas markets.


Best things to do in Vienna
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We recommend hikes and walks through the vineyards of Vienna to any nature lover. Exercise in the fresh air, great views and a visit to one of the numerous wine taverns. This is how you can spend a wonderful day and relax in Vienna.


Danube tower
Vienna pass

Everyone in Vienna knows the Danube Tower. Enjoying a 360 degree panorama at a height of 150 meters is something you don’t experience every day. That is why the Danube Tower offers a great opportunity to see Vienna from a different perspective. The tower cafe awaits you at 160 meters, the tower restaurant is another ten meters higher. And if you are already at the Danube Tower, you should definitely plan a walk through the beautiful Danube Park.


Markets in Vienna

Fresh food, nice restaurants and great flair, you will never get bored in Vienna’s markets. The Carmelite Market, the Naschmarkt and the Rochusmarkt are particularly recommended. Every Saturday there is a flea market next to the Naschmarkt and that is one of the best things to do in Vienna.


Therne Wiern Vienna

It is a little more expensive trip for people who are thinking about relaxing things to do in Vienna but sometimes worthwhile, visiting The Therme Wien . Here you can just switch off and relax really well away from the hustle. Compared to earlier times, the journey has become much easier and the day can be easily combined with a detour to the famous Tichy ice cream parlor.


Coffee houses in Vienna

Especially on a day when you don’t have much to do and you are thinking about things to do in Vienna, a visit to a coffee house can be very relaxing and nice. There are many great cafes in Vienna. From the traditional Aida coffee houses to hip cafes such as Phil, where you can buy books, records and DVDs in addition to food and drinks, there is something for everyone here.


Vienna tours
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A Vienna tour does not always have to be a classic sightseeing tour. There are great guided tours through the city, even for people who already know Vienna well. The city tours here in Vienna have a slightly different theme like the tour on the topic of poverty and homelessness and refugee and integration and even drug addiction. The special thing is that the tour guides themselves are affected. On the Vienna Ugly tour, you can also see the ugliest buildings in the city. So if you are confused about things to do in Vienna and want to know the real Vienna, choose one of these tours.

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