Whenever it comes to attractive tourist spots in India Rajasthan never fails to make the list. From lavish forts to the great sand dunes Rajasthan has it all. Amidst the scorching heat and forts of Rajasthan lies Mount Abu, one of the most visited places in the state due to its relatively colder climate, which certainly is a relief from the hot and arid weather of the State. Mount Abu is a hill station placed high above in the plateau of Aravali range and is surrounded by lush green forests, it has the pride of being the only hill station of the state. So, if you’re planning to visit the place and want to know some of the best places to visit in Mount Abu, we have just the right thing for you.

Dilwara Temple
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Mount Abu is popular for its colder weather and temperature, but there lie tons of different places to explore and enjoy in this hill station too. From temples to lakes and sanctuary, Mount Abu is filled with scenic and beautiful places that one needs to visit, once they’re here.

Check out this list of the best places to visit in Mount Abu for your next adventure.

1. Dilwara Temples

Being one of the most beautiful and must-visit pilgrimage sites for the Jains, Dilwara Temple was designed by Vastupal and Tejpal and was built by the ruler Vimal Shah between the 11th and 13th centuries. This temple is renowned for the heavy use of marble and very complicated and delicate carvings on every pillar and corner.

Dilwara Temple Mount Abu | Places to visit in Mount Abu

From the outside, the Dilwara Temple looks quite simple but, once you are inside the temple, you will be startled by the astonishing designs and patterns carved on the walls, roofs, archways and pillars. This complex temple features five equally beautiful temples inside it, namely Luna Vasahi, Vimal Vasahi, Pittalhar, Parshavanatha and Mahavir Swami Temple dedicated to Lord Rishabhdeo, Lord Adinath, Lord Neminath, Lord Mahavir Swami and Lord Parshvanath respectively. 

2. Nakki Lake – Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Often called “Nakki jheel” by the locals it serves as a beautiful gem in the crown of Mount Abu and definitely one of the best places to visit in Mount Abu. It takes the pride of being the first manmade lake in India with a depth of approximately 11,000 meters and a width of more than 400 meters. Located at the heart of the hill station, the lake is beautifully surrounded by lush green forests, mountains and oddly shaped rocks.

Nakki Lake | Places To Visit In Mount Abu
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As you sail through the calm and serene waters of Nakki Lake, you will see the wildlife of Mount Abu unfolding right in front of you which is absolutely magnificent. It is a perfect destination for all nature lovers who love to enjoy nature at its best and also the photography enthusiasts too.

Nakki Lake is also popular for another great reason, as Mahatma Gandhi’s ashes were immersed in this very lake on 12 February 1948 and the Gandhi Ghat was constructed nearby.

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3. Toad rock – Tourist Places Mount Abu

A big rock in the shape of a toad that seems to jump in the Nakki Lake, the toad rock serves as the mascot of Mount Abu. For reaching here you have to climb almost 250 steps but every drop of step is worth the panoramic view of Nakki Lake. It is heavily visited at the time of sunrise and sunset as the sun rises over the horizon of the Nakki Lake and welcomes a beautiful view.

Toad Rock
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4. Guru Shikhar – Tourist Places Mount Abu

Located about 15 kilometers from Mount Abu it is the highest peak of the Aravali raising high at 1722 meters above the sea level thus ensuring a breathtaking view of the Aravali ranges. It is named after Guru Dattatreya who is said to have lived on this peak during his days as a monk.

Guru Shikhar Mount Abu | tourist places mount abu

The cave is located at the hilltop and has been converted into a temple in his memory. Guru Shikhar also flaunts its observatory the Mount Abu observatory. There is quite a strange though fun ritual hikers often do when they reach the top, they often ring a very old bell with “1411 AD” inscribed on it thus celebrating their achievement of reaching the peak of the hill.

5. Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary – Places To Visit In Mount Abu

Mount Abu is gifted with lush green forests and a very vivid range of flora and fauna. The beautiful Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary flaunts its rich biodiversity in such a way that makes it one of the best and most exhilarating places to visit in Mount Abu.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary
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The place was bestowed with the current status of sanctuary in 1960 with the aim to preserve the flora and fauna of the area. Spread across a distance of 288k kilometers it is the place to witness the wildlife in their natural habitat. The sanctuary covers many breathtaking parts of the Aravali range including the highest peak Guru Shikhar.

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These were some of the best places to visit in Mount Abu that offer a scenic view of the surroundings and hold a historic value in the existence of this place. Being a hill station it experiences a heavy rush during the summer seasons, so if you’re planning to visit Mount Abu be prepared in advance.

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