Are you thinking of spending a vacation in the luxurious desert city of Dubai ? Good idea, because a trip to the metropolis guarantees adventure, relaxation and fun as far as the eye can see. But since all the places to visit in Dubai are quite overwhelming, it can quickly become difficult to keep track of time. On an average, the trip to Dubai is not really expensive. Really, the cost of the airline tickets is equal to a domestic flight in India if booked 40-45 days prior to visiting Dubai. Today, we will hold your hand and guide you to the best places to Visit in Dubai.

Let’s Check out The Best Places To Visit In Dubai.

1. Dubai Mall
2. Burj Al Arab
3. Al Bastakiya
4. Dubai Creek
5. Burj Khalifa
6. Dubai frame
7. Dubai Marina
8. Palm Jumeirah
9. Dubai aquarium
10. The World Islands

Dubai Mall

Places To Visit in Dubai

Three things Dubai offers best are Luxury, adventure and shopping. All shopaholics can look forward to the Dubai Mall and start with the list of the best places to visit in Dubai. The largest shopping center in the world is located in the heart of the desert city and attracts with tons of shopping and entertainment options. Around 1,200 shops are located inside this shopping paradise.

But not only clothes, bags, jewelry and other luxury goods await you in the Dubai Mall. The adventure world also includes an artificial ice rink, a music-controlled fountain, an aquarium and a multiplex cinema.

Burj Al Arab

Best places to visit in Dubai

Next, in the best places to visit in Dubai, is also the city’s landmark and one of the most expensive and luxurious hotels in the world. The Arab Tower, as the name Burj Al Arab translates, is a sail-shaped 321 meters high skyscraper. Inside there is a luxury hotel, restaurants, five gigantic pools and a spa.

A private beach and its own helicopter landing pad are also the part of the hotel. Even if you don’t want to spend the night in the hotel or dine, it is worth taking a look at the futuristic building. The facade alone is guaranteed to blow your mind.

Al Bastakiya

Best Places To Visit in Dubai

Away from the futuristic and modern Dubai, there is a district that takes you back to Dubai’s origin. Al Bastakiya is Dubai’s oldest district and one of the best places to visit in Dubai. Traders from Persia built this district around the 19th century and you can experience a different and pre-megacity kind of Dubai here. In the former retail district you can stock up on incense, oils, handicrafts and all kinds of souvenirs.

Dubai Miracle Garden

Things To Do In Dubai

The Dubai Miracle Garden is next on the list of Best places to visit in Dubai because it is both an irony and a miracle. It is the largest flower garden in the world with more than 150 million flowers. The flower paradise is 72,000 m² in area and impresses with patterns, figures and bizarre sculptures made of flowers. Look forward to the flower carpets that glow in all colors of the rainbow.

Burj Khalifa

Things To Do In Dubai

The figurehead of Dubai and the undisputed winner of the best places to visit in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. At a whopping 828 meters, the Burj Khalifa is currently the tallest building in the world. A trip to the tower, which is named after the president of the UAE, is definitely a must. The best thing to do is to take the elevator to the top floor of the tower.

It is located at 638 meters and gives you an incredible view of Dubai and the surrounding landscape. The elevator ride to the top floor takes just 90 seconds. The building breaks some other records, including buildings with the most floors, the fastest elevator in the world, buildings with the highest restaurant, night club, living area and so on.

Dubai Frame

Dubai City Tour guide

Dubai Frame is a relatively new place to visit in Dubai that not many tourists know about yet. And just as you imagine, the building is like an oversized picture frame. Depending on which side of the frame you are on, you can see either traditional or futuristic Dubai. At the bottom of the building there is a museum. It shows the development of Dubai from a fishing village to a megacity. The top part forms a bridge in which an exciting glass floor is integrated.

Dubai Marina

Unique things to do in dubai

Dubai Marina is one of the most modern parts of the city and the best place to visit in Dubai. Here, one skyscraper is bigger than the next and many more are under construction. You can book a sightseeing tour by boat from the harbor. On the longer tours, you even drive out into the open sea and look at the palm island of Jumeirah from the water. The district is even more beautiful at night because of the lights. Walk along the harbor, cross the pretty bridges and stop at the restaurants and cafés on the promenade.

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Vacations

Dubai is famous for its daring construction projects and creating marvels of engineering. One such marvel is Palm Jumeirah which is a man made island from scratch. The palm island is connected to the mainland by a four kilometer long bridge. One of the most popular sights on the man-made island is the Palm Tower with a height of 240 meters and 50 floors. On the roof terrace of the top floor you will find the highest infinity pool in the world. Thanks to the many glamorous hotels in one of the best places to visit in Dubai, you can even spend the night on Palm Island.

Dubai Aquarium

Dubai Aquarium

The Dubai Aquarium has around 33,000 marine animals and 10 million liters of water distributed over three floors . In the middle of the Dubai Mall you will find this gigantic aquarium, which takes you into a magical underwater world. The highlight is definitely the 48 meter long glass tunnel that leads you through the aquarium to a kind of underwater world. There you can watch how sharks and rays glide over you.

The World Islands

The World Islands

Finally, on the list of best places to visit in Dubai is also the largest and a must-see. The World island is a mammoth construction and engineering project that is entirely man made and is constructed in the shape of a world map. It is a combination of around 300 islands in the form of a world map that represent the continents and countries of our earth.

The best way to see the entire size of the island world is to watch the spectacle from the air. This is best done during a helicopter flight. Since The World Islands are not far from the airport, with a little luck you can spot the islands from the plane.

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