Diwali, the festival of lights, is upon us. Every year, countless Hindus wait eagerly for this festival to commence. It is, after all, a chance to share love, joy, happiness and festivities with your near and dear ones. All over India, Diwali is celebrated with great vigor and enthusiasm. However, there are certain places that simply must be visited during this festival as they have the best Diwali celebrations.

While India has a wide array of places that boast of the most spectacular Diwali celebrations, a few cities do stand out. Here is a look at some Indian cities with the best Diwali celebrations.


Diwali in Varanasi

Varanasi is the place to be if you really want to witness the the best Diwali celebrations. The eternal city on the banks of the Ganga has a unique way of welcoming and celebrating the festival of lights. On all the 5 days of Diwali, the banks of Varanasi are decked up with thousands of lighted diyas. Devotees throng the banks of the ghaat in the evening and let the diyas into the river. This creates a truly spectacular and mesmerizing sight with the sparkling diyas floating in the waters while countless men, women and children decked up in traditional clothes witness it in glee.

This is then followed by the magical Ganga Aarti and fireworks in the sky making it the most incredible spectacle to behold on Diwali.

Jaipur- the city with the most regal and the best Diwali celebrations:

Diwali in Jaipur

Jaipur, India’s Pink City, also offers one of the best Diwali celebrations in the country. The celebrations begin on the day of Dhanteras and the entire city is adorned in twinkling lights. No corner of the city is left untouched by lights and diyas and the markets are abuzz with people indulging in myriad festivities. Jaipur also offers some delectable sweets during the Diwali celebrations like Rabri Ghevar, Dilkushar, Mawa Kachori, Chhena Malpua and Moong Dal Halwa.

 However, the best place to be in Jaipur during the Diwali days is the royal Nahargarh Fort. It provides a spectacular birds-eye view of the entire city twinkling in lights.

Kolkata – the best Diwali celebrations in the City of Joy:

Kolakta Diwali

In the past decade or so, Kolkata, the City of Joy, has emerged as a great location for the best Diwali celebrations. While Kolkata is mainly populated by Bengalis and their main festival is the Durga Puja, the city also adores Diwali. The best place to be during Diwali in Kolkata is BBurra Bazar and Park Street. Burra Bazar, the famous trader’s market, is jam-packed with people buying all kinds of materials for Diwali – diyas, lights, firecrackers, sweets, clothes and even food. Park Street, meanwhile, is the most happening place in the town. Revelers throng Park Street on Diwali evening which is decked up in the most ornate selection of beautiful lights and eat out in any of the famous eateries there.

Purushwadi, Maharashtra – the best Diwali celebrations in the most charming way:

Purushwadi, Maharashtra – the best Diwali celebrations

If you are one of those who is looking for a rather quiet and different Diwali then Purushwadi in Maharashtra is the place to be. Away from street fairs and firecrackers, the little town of Purushwadi, located on a hill along the Mumbai-Nashik highway celebrates Diwali in a unique and charming way. Children sing traditional songs while moving door to door and invite the others to pour oil on their diyas. Local women make Rangolis on their courtyards. And the village folk gather around, chopping wood for the bonfire that would be later in the night. Once the bonfire is lit, the village folk indulge in traditional dances, eat food and share sweets, and make merry late into the night.

This is indeed one of the best Diwali celebrations and needs to be experienced once by every Indian.

Apart from the cities listed above, some of the other Indian cities with the best Diwali celebrations are Madurai, Goa, Pushkar, Hampi, Manali, Kovalam, Mysore and Puducherry.

Which place are you planning to visit this Diwali? And which Indian city has offered you the best Diwali celebrations? Comment below to share your experiences.

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