If you are a fan of waiting at the airports, then probably you are not that interested in travel. And then, it could be said, that what excites you more is the prospect of stepping into myriad food courts. Or maybe what drives your mind is the idea of nibbling away with some discounted deals at airports.

What could possibly be better than shopping for travel bags and souvenir gifting items, isn’t it? But that logic, perhaps, may just make you a strange one of a kind person, away from the usual rush of busy travellers who’d much rather like to get on with their travel.

While hopping around at the airports- ever a fancy place for sneaking into a little something in food and dining- is a trill of its own, the real challenge strikes when there are long queues at the baggage claim area. This is that part of the airport trip that you’d rather not do, isn’t it? Who in the world whether on his way to a magnificent journey or returning from a jovial experience (and now in the rush to get back into the normal scheme of things) would want to stand at the luggage area?

Often, the standard reason for many a passenger’s cribbing, the onerous period of waiting at the luggage or baggage area. And this can never be a pretty experience ever. Imagine a fictional scenario. You are just about to arrive at your choicest or favourite destination, having saved for the trip a great deal and for ages. Now that your aircraft is about to descend at the destination you are waiting for, you and your friends simply cannot wait for a great trip to begin.

But, then, right when you had expected things to be customary, read smooth, you are here at the luggage-claim area and are marred by a period of onerous wait. Now that you’ve done the needful of having had your passport and other documents expected as per normal, all you were waiting for, was a smooth release into the luggage claim area. You’d just wanted things to be a little quicker, for you to gather your bags and then for the normal to happen. But instead what happens leaves you seething in anger.

It’s been around 10 minutes of waiting time at the luggage belt and none of your bags has arrived. You and your friends would’ve much rather desired to steam off from the airport all set with the party mode on. But for nothing that you did, you’re being made to wait for the luggage. These aren’t uncommon scenarios, truth be told. But are, in fact, common occurrences most of the times when we are hit by the unknown. At this time, perhaps, trying out the classic luggage retrieval trick is of utmost importance.

So what exactly is this novel idea that can make you claim your bags faster and go run? Ever heard about markup labels and stickers on the bags? You may have, in fact. Why not strap on a “fragile” sticker on your suitcases and bags and see the change for yourself?

The experts engaged in the aviation sector are of the view that by simply using the “fragile” sticker on your suitcase, a lot may change for the better. So why not try that out instead of simply standing in endless circles just waiting for some divine intervention to happen? And if in case, you are wondering where to source the sticker from, then it’s simpler than you think. Before boarding the flight, you could simply ask for the sticker from the check-in staff who assist you to board the plane.

The times of waiting endlessly and needlessly so are seemingly over. You’d rather want to save the time you end up wasting fruitlessly in hitting the road. So what are you waiting for: hit the road jack! Travelling will be more fun now.

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