Truth be told, the importance of Airbnb to the world of travel is the same importance and value that a James Bond or Ethan Hunt character holds for the realm of spy or espionage thrillers. Airbnb, has, for a lack of a better word, changed the way the world thinks about travel and actually conceives it today, in an era where there are constant timelines and a paucity of good choices that truly make a travelling experience unique and wholesome.

So many of users of Airbnb are actually based in this part of the East- in the spiritual homeland called India. But where the current assertions and insights from the remarkable travel concept of Airbnb is concerned, it is believed that there is some excellent news for Airbnb’s plans for India.

In fact, the current experts associated in the domain of travel, spread globally have gone as far as remarking that among Airbnb’s biggest “strategic plans” is India. How many of us thought about that? In fact, if there was a sudden query posed at a random assortment of strangers, supposedly, quizzing them about what India means as an important market for Airbnb, then perhaps 9 out of 10 people may have suggested that Modi-land is, indeed, exquisitely good to up the growth of the revered travel brand.

But, often while truth is the reverse of pure conjecture, in this case, there is nothing else but pure optimism about Airbnb’s plans that also include India. So what exactly is cooking, you might ask?

Here’s some clue on that. As of now, on current terms, Airbnb’s head of global policy, Mr Chris Lehane is of the view that India features big in Airbnb’s plans for the one simple reason that it is a widely growing economy. After two of the world’s leading markets in China and the United States, Airbnb is of the view that India is the ‘third biggest frontier’ for the $31 billion valued firm.

There’s a lair of optimism that surrounds Airbnb. As of the last year, in terms of growth of inbound tourism, the company observed a growth of 101 per cent. And truth be told, nowadays, most start-ups aim at cementing their presence in the heart of one of Asia’s most potent economic centres. There is little surprise as to why Airbnb is wishing to chalk out a complete plan for India- that includes working to include more physical infrastructure to its business here.

The plan for India seems robust and very execution-driven. For now, Airbnb, perhaps aware of the state tourism boards driving tourism in different corners of a truly diverse country, is planning to forge partnerships with the same at a pan-India level. The latest in its ebb of noted achievements has been a collaboration with the prestigious Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation based in Mumbai. The two are planning to launch a one of its kind tourism entrepreneurship accelerator programme. The next in line is an adventurous ideation in that part of India that is unanimously loved by the country. Ever heard of the Airbnb experiences? You may now, in the party destination of Goa.

So what is this exactly about? While a lot many details aren’t yet available, what is known is that the concept of Airbnb’s experiences is actually spun around activities designed and led by local hosts, which travellers can select and pay for when booking through Airbnb. This is a novel concept by the travel platform that is also keen to explore opportunities in the direction of creating jobs around travel and tourism. Varied government departments- according to Airbnb- are looking forward to exploring a revenue-sharing model with businesses like it.

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