Do you dream of a vacation in Europe, but do not have enough funds to visit expensive cities like Paris or Italy? We might have good news for you. Holidays do not have to be expensive. We bring you the Cheapest European cities to visit on a small budget. We have a list of cheap holiday destinations in Europe.

We have the necessary data from Post Office Travel Money that annually publishes a travel barometer, listing the Cheapest European cities to visit.  From a total of 36 cities Travel Money calculates the cost of two nights accommodation for two adults in a 3-star hotel, a meal for two, airport transfer, the best museum or the best art gallery and more importantly the average cost of beer.

1. Krakow

This southern Polish city is officially at the top amongst the Cheapest European cities to Visit in 2019 according to its established standards. Krakow is known for its medieval city center and Jewish quarter.

A weekend costs around 188 euros or $208 or INR 15000.

Krakow | europe cheap countries

Every year, around 9 million tourists come to the city. Take a stroll across the market square, past the Marienkirche and through the beautiful old town. In Krakow, you can eat well in one of the many bars and pubs for a decent cost.

Krakow Card: For around € 26 per person, you can visit 40 museums and attractions for two days and use public transport

Beer: A beer costs on average 1.80 euros

Our low-budget tip: Take part in a “Free Walking Tour”. You have the choice between Krakow’s Old Town or Judaism in Krakow. You have to register in advance by mail and appear at the meeting point and off you go. The tours last about two hours each.

2. Vilnius

A weekend costs around 189 euros or USD 210 Or INR Rs 15000.

Vilnius | Europe Cheapest Cities To Travel

Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania and particularly favorable holiday destination among the European cities. Especially lovers of beautiful architecture and history will definitely get their money’s worth here.

The city is known for its medieval old town and Baroque architecture. The old town is one of the largest towns in Europe. It’s mostly visited by tourists from other European countries as its one of the cheapest European cities to visit.

Vilnius City Card: For 30 euros, you can use 24 hours public transport and you can visit various attractions and museums for free or reduced price.

Cheap restaurant: In Chacapuri Sodu, you get typical specialities for meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Beer: A beer costs on average 2.60 euros

Our low-budget tip: If You have no money but would like to see the money, then go to the Money Museum and learn all about the history of money in and outside of Lithuania.

3. Riga

A weekend costs around 197 euros Or USD 218 Or INR 15700.

Riga Latvia

Although the Latvian capital Riga has become more and more popular tourist destination in recent years, it is still a viable alternative to other major European cities. It is picturesquely located at the mouth of the Düna river that goes directly in the Baltic Sea.

The historic old town is especially beautiful, with its many small streets and beautiful squares inviting you for a long stroll through the city. Also, do not miss the Bremen Town Musicians statue.

If you compare it with other cities on the list and the adventures you can do in Riga, you would find that Riga has an upper hand in the list of Cheapest European cities to visit.


Riga Pass: Use the Riga Pass for 25 Euros for 24 hours. Travel for free on public transport and visit museums, restaurants and other attractions for free or at discounted prices

Beer: A beer costs on average 3 euros

4. Budapest

A weekend costs about 210 euros Or USD 232 Or INR 16700


The Hungarian capital is one of the most popular Cheapest European cities to visit. The beautiful city is characterized by its location on the Danube and is also nicknamed “Paris of the East”.

The city stretches from flat areas to hilly areas and offers a variety of historic buildings and squares. Visit the Burg Palace, the Fisherman’s Bastion or the Matthias Church.

In one of the many small cafes and restaurants, you can relax and experience the beautiful metropolis up close.

Budapest City Card: For 24 hours, the discount card costs 19 euros. You can use it for free in public transport and you can visit museums and other attractions cheaper or free of charge.

Beer: A beer costs an average of 1.75 euros

Our low-budget tip: There’s so much to see in Budapest as you roam the streets on foot.

5. Moscow

A weekend costs around 229 euros Or USD 253 Or INR 18200

Moscow Russia | Cheapest Travel Destinations In Europe

You can visit the Russian capital and experience history, art and culture. Of course, the Kremlin, the seat of the Russian government, Red Square and St. Basil’s Cathedral are world-famous.

Worth seeing and not just a means of transport is the Moscow Metro. It is considered to be the most magnificent subway in the world and its stations look more like little palaces than simple stops.

Moscow City Pass: For 24 hours you can travel for free on public transport and visit more than 40 museums. The pass costs 49 euros.

Beer: A beer costs on average 4 euros

Our low-budget tip: You can visit the Lenin Mausoleum completely free

6. Prague

A weekend costs around 229 euros Or USD 253 Or INR 18200

Prague Czech Republic

The Czech Republic’s capital is no longer a secret when it comes to city breaks, but it is still surprisingly cheap and has a lot to offer. The Golden City is located on the banks of the Vltava river.

You must visit the Charles Bridge, the oldest stone bridge in Europe that was completed in 1402. An outstanding highlight is the Prague Castle and the castle hill which has the largest closed castle area in the world and includes many other sights such as the St. Vitus Cathedral, the Golden Lane or the National Gallery.

For its romantic and eccentric nature, you would find that it is the best city for couples amongst other Cheapest European cities to visit. Plus it has the cheapest beer amongst other cities in the list which really makes it suitable for friends who are looking for cheap holiday destinations in Europe.

Prague Card: For two days the card costs 58 Euro. This gives you, among other things, free admission to the Prague Castle and a further 50 museums, plus you can use public transport at no cost

Beer: A beer costs on average 1.50 euros. It’s the cheapest amongst the other countries on the list.

Our low budget tip: An absolute highlight is New Year’s Eve in Prague, as for two days, there is a huge firework display. Also, visit the terrace of Strahovsky Monastery. From there you have a wonderful view over the Alstadt and the Charles Bridge

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7. Lisbon

A weekend costs about 239 euros Or USD 264 or INR 19000.

Belem Tower Lisbon | Cheapest honeymoon destinations Europe

The Portuguese capital Lisbon is also one of the cheapest European cities to visit. Lisbon is a great destination by the sea, perfect for city breaks and beach holidays.

Lisbon is characterized by construction from the 18th century. Worth seeing is the fortress Castelo de Sao Jorge or a ride on the Eléctrico 28, the historic tram.

Lisboa Card: For 19 euros per day you can use public transport and get free admission to museums and other discounts

Beer: A beer costs on average 2.10 euros

Our low-budget tip: Visit the Portas del Sol vantage point and experience a breathtaking sunrise

8. Valletta

A weekend costs around 249 euros Or USD 275 Or INR 19800.


Valletta is the capital of Malta, is one of the cheapest European cities to visit and should definitely be visited this year, because it is also the European Capital of Culture 2018.

In Valletta you can visit impressive churches, magnificent palaces and museums. Visit St. John’s Co-Cathedral or simply wander the streets of the old town, adorned with typical Maltese colorful wooden houses.

Malta Pass: For one day, the discount card costs around 25 euros. This will give you free or reduced admission to museums, sightseeing tours and other attractions

Beer: A beer costs on average 2.60 euros

Our low-budget tip: Valletta itself could be described as a huge open-air museum. If you want to save yourself entry to museums, just take a walk through the old town, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9. Dubrovnik

A weekend costs around 257 euros Or USD 284 Or INR 20400

Dubrovnik Europe

Dubrovnik, the Capital of Dalmatia, also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic” is an exciting and, above all, inexpensive destination. Here you can stroll through the beautiful old town, which incidentally is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is completely car-free.

Stroll through Dubrovnik’s walkable city walls and enjoy the view of the city and the Adriatic Sea. Worth seeing is also the Cathedral of the Assumption or a Franciscan monastery with a pharmacy from the 14th century.

The old town was already used for the successful series “Game of Thrones” as a location. You would love to visit it as it is the only city to appear in ‘Game Of Thrones’ amongst others on the list of Cheapest European cities to visit.  We recommend you visit Dubrovnik for your next Croatian holiday.

Dubrovnik Card: The Dubrovnik Card costs around 42 euros for 24 hours. This gives you free admission to various museums and perks for other attractions. You also use public transport for free

Beer: A beer costs on average around 2.46 euros

Our low-budget tip: If you do not want to spend a lot of money on museums, then just stroll through the old town of Dubrovnik.

10. Berlin

A weekend costs around 326 euros Or USD 360 Or INR 25900.


The German capital is last on the list of the cheapest European cities to visit but it still is a cheap weekend trip. Visit the Government district, walk over Friedrichstrasse, Museum Island and visit the Berlin Cathedral.

There are many flea markets and thrift stores to ensure that your shopping trip is not too expensive. 

Hotel: Cheap A & O hotels in Berlin that is similar to OYO in India or AirBNB.

Berlin Welcome Card: For two days, the discount card costs 19 euros. You can use public transport and get another 200 discount offers

Beer: A beer costs on average 2.60 euros

Our low-budget tip: Enjoy the view from the dome of the Reichstag over Berlin. This attraction is free of charge.

You just have to sign up first and have your ID with you. From the dome, you have the perfect view over Berlin and an audio guide is also available.

So, if you are looking for cheap holiday destinations in Europe, here are the best choices you have in the list of Cheapest European cities to visit.

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