A city of history and dazzling cosmopolitan life, there’s never a dull moment in London. But what stands out in the Queen’s lair is the charming cityscape shaped by hotels, that are a marvel of sorts.

“Ostensibly rich and fashionably famous.” These might be the catchphrases that strike your mind as you roll your eyes past many of London’s exquisite hotels, thinking about the kind of clientele that keeps the hotel’s cash-rooms rolling. There’s never been a dearth of posh hotel residences in arguably the most cosmopolitan city in the world. And there may never be, considering we are eagerly prospering in an age that sides with an increased focus on wellness, lifestyle and living.

At times one feels that stealing a pearl from the mouth of an oyster may be easy over finding a slot to book oneself in a typical posh London hotel.

So the question, very certainly is, just what might be the five London Hotels that are truly worth every penny of yours?

The Goring

The GoringApparently, this eye-pleasing hotel is the last remaining family-owned luxury hotel in all of London. The Goring dynasty is amongst London’s oldest even before 1910, the year in which one of the city’s most landmark hotels opened. To this day, it is operated by four members of the Goring dynasty. Famous designers based in the UK- David Linley, Nina Campbell- have helped shape the interiors to give the heritage hotel a new, uplifting touchup. With 12 interconnecting rooms, the Goring is a royal stay for both families and young visitors and is among London’s child friendly luxury residences.

The Beaumont

Can you imagine that what stands aloft a magnificent city today was once a garage? This 1926 building is one of the most shape shifting emblems of luxury in the lap of a London witness to a melange of old-world charm and rush of contemporary culture. Hailed as the best luxury hotel in 2014, The Beaumont offers a chic, very classic style of comfort having interestingly been created by restaurateurs Chris Corbin and Jeremy King. Representing the 1920s firmament of design, The Beaumont’s resplendence is amplified by elegant rooms, personal service and a good art collection.


If a sense of grandeur could be understated and luxury be refined by show-stopping simplicity, it may paraphrase Bulgari in some way or the other. A scenic melange between the legendary Italian jeweller and silversmith, Bulgari is tucked in the heart of the ever-famous Hyde Park. And one of it’s noted facets happens to be the spacious confines that mark almost all of its accommodations. One of the newest and very modern stamps of authority in architecture, the building isn’t a convert and was built from scratch that includes 6 floors below and 9 above ground.


An aged building that was truly reinvigorated to become a shining beacon of the 21st century, the Corinthia is among the finest and most admired luxury stops in the British capital. At a captivating intersection of art and luxury, the Corinthia has penthouses that are charmed by art pieces like a giant chessboard on the rooftop. Giving a splendorous look of London’s breezy and sometimes, rainy evenings, the Corinthia gives its guests an entire paraphernalia of trappings of the modern age such as top-level restaurants and bars, spa and sauna. It is also among the few hotels that affords its guests a complimentary chauffeur-driven car service.


Rosewood londonA gentle throwback to the olden times, the Rosewood Hotel is actually a charming 1914 Edwardian building located in High Holborn. A typically old-school albeit welcoming getaway, amplified by a grand facade, wrought iron-gates as well as a green spacious courtyard, few hotels are as captivating on the outside as they are warm and embracing of its guests on the inside. Horse-drawn carriages and cars, both divergent modes of commuting meet at the intersection of a sprawling residence that is decorated by extensive decor, a great spa, fitness centre and a luscious marble staircase that calls out to residents with a homely feel.

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