These most beautiful travel destinations in Asia are like a well aged wine. The natural beauty is not only defined by location but also by the variety of climatic conditions existing in the same region. It is a pleasure to witness these places as they are the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Asia.

1. Ko Phi Phi -Leader in Asia’s 10 Most Beautiful Destinations

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Crystal-clear water, palm trees, white beaches and beautiful vegetation make the islands on the west coast of Thailand a true holiday paradise for water lovers and snorkel lovers. The movie “The Beach” was also shot at this beautiful location.

2. Kyoto – The old imperial city

Kyoto beautiful places in asia
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Kyoto is certainly one of the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Asia. The former capital, with its countless temples and shrines, has always been considered the center of Japanese culture. In the Gion district, the traveler can absorb the spirit of ancient Japan as even today gorgeously dressed geishas can be found here.

3. Bali – The green paradise

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Bali is very close to the idea of paradise. Friendly smiling people, lush green vegetation with the famous rice terraces, a rich culture that celebrates festivals almost daily, make Bali’s beauty, unforgettable.

4. Boracay – Dream Island of the Philippines

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The Thaiger

A beach made of powdered sugar like sand, palm trees and a lagoon with clear, turquoise waters make Boracay one of the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Asia. Not only divers and water sports enthusiasts enjoy the wonderful South Seas atmosphere here but its heaven for people who want to just relax and enjoy the serenity of the Island.

5. Taj Mahal – Marbled love

Taj Mahal
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The Taj Mahal is definitely one of the 10 most beautiful travel destinations in Asia, for the same reason it is the most beautiful building in the world. Its perfect symmetry, the white marble, its monumentality, which is incomparably graceful and unparalleled in the world.

6. Hong Kong – Skyline like New York

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Hong Kong is one of the hippest metropolises in the world. It is a must visit for shopping fans. The Temple Street Night Market, which has served as a backdrop in many films, appears to have something very special and attractive. There is simply nothing that exists and not found here.

7. Beijing – The Forbidden City

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Being close to Old China, you can feel the Forbidden factor in the Forbidden City. The entire complex comprises almost 900 palaces and is unique in its size, history, splendor and features. There are stories that go beyond the physical laws of our existence and make you dive in the wonderland.

8. Guilin – Ink painting became nature

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As if transported into an old Chinese ink painting you feel in the middle of the Karst mountains of Guilin in southern China. The bizarre rock formations are an impressive scenery, that offers a magical sight, especially in the rainy season or in humid weather.

9. Goa – Portugal in India

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Remains of Portuguese colonial rule can be found everywhere in Goa. The former Mecca of hippies has lost none of its magic since the 60s and has beautiful beaches, evergreen forests and a rich wildlife. Goa is the embodiment of the mixed cultural influence of Portugal and India

10. Angkor Wat – Testimony to an ancient high culture

Angkor Wat
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If you want to experience the beauty of Angkor Wat, it is best to do so early in the morning or at sunset. Then the mysterious spirit of the Khmer comes alive and lets the traveler dive into a long-forgotten world. It is best known for its cultural heritage and monuments.

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