Singapore is a lovely country not just for living but also for exploring. Every year millions of travelers from all over the world make a round trip to Singapore to experience luxury in true style. Known as the Global Financial Centre, Singapore is popular for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s breathtaking and larger than life Changi airport and for others, there are a ton of wonderful sites to explore. But, if you’re an adventurous type then this list of adventurous things to do in Singapore is just for you.

Singapore might not sound like an adventurous country but trust us when we say this, you’re going stand wrong on your thought. There are a bunch of cool and thrilling things that one can do in Singapore.

From indoor skydiving to scuba diving there are a bunch of options to choose from and trust us, each and every one of those is absolutely a must try. If you’re already excited about the thought of going to Singapore and doing these activities then wait till you learn about other equally amazing and thrilling things to do in Singapore. Check out the list for more:

1. Indoor Skydiving

ifly singapore

So, let us just start with the coolest of them all, on this list of adventurous things to do in Singapore – indoor skydiving. iFly Singapore offers indoor skydiving through the wind tunnels that have already been on a bunch of things-to-do before you die list. iFly is actually the world’s first and largest themed wind tunnel for skydiving. You get to have an experience which is similar to real skydiving at one-fifth the cost. Amazing, right?

2. Cable Skiing at Singapore Wake Park

Cable Skiing at Singapore Wake Park
Shape Singapore

Cable Skiing is definitely for someone who likes to do the unthinkable and then ultimately succeed at it or otherwise have a great story for the future. This activity will put all of your senses to test and that too all at once. Wake Park in Singapore is the only cable park in the country and it offers countless activities like wakeskating, wakeboarding, double skiing, knee boarding and others. If you’re a water activity enthusiast then this will be all the more amazing for you.

3. Freefall Jump at ParaJump at Sentosa

Freefall Jump at ParaJump at Sentosa

This is probably one the most exciting adventurous things to do in Singapore as one gets to replicate the feeling of freefall parachute jump from 50 feet. This one is indeed for the adrenaline junkie who is not excited with anything normal or mediocre. Along with this exciting feeling, you will also get to experience a stunning view at the leap point which makes it all the more enticing.

4. Air Zip with Megazip

Air Zip with Megazip

Las Vegas’ air zip is something that has consistently been an integral part of any movie revolving around exploring Las Vegas, and if you are also someone who would love to do it once again but don’t have Vegas money in their accounts, can complete this dream of theirs in Singapore. With Megazip, you can zip around at an elevation of 75 meters which extends to 450 m and that too at a 60 kph. If you’re a group of three then you have to try this activity together, since it is the first 3 wire zip line.

5. Jetpacking


Earlier, jetpacks were shown in movies and cartoons as these gadgets of the future and now they are in real and is counted as one of the most exciting adventurous things to do in Singapore. This is a water sport where you can go as high as 30 feet above the water, all with the help of a jetpack and no strings attached. This is also one of the best things to do in Singapore for couples, just stay alert and don’t smash into each other.

6. Check how fast are you at the F1 track

Marina singapore grand prix
Robb Report Singapore

This is one of the adventurous things to do in Singapore which is only for those who have a love for speed and like to drive fast, really fast. Choose a wheel of your choice, whether it is a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, and for 15 minutes the track is yours. You don’t need to have prior experience in racing to try out this activity, you just need love for speed and you’re good to go. Instructors will guide you at each and every step, so worry not.

These were some of the things to do in Singapore for the thrill seekers and those who love to make memories by doing something adventurous. Which one are you most excited about and would definitely add in your itinerary? Let us know and have a safe trip to ever so amazing Singapore.

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