Have you traveled the world? You know what forget that, have you traveled the whole India? We are assuming most of you haven’t but the question is why not? The city you were born in, you didn’t get to choose it but if you never step outside, its completely on you.

There are places that can stir your soul, can amaze you, can move you to find another dimension in your life, that you never thought can exist and the whole new world waiting for you to come and explore it. But you know what, all those places will not come to you. So while you are young and energetic we suggest you visit at least these seven places in India before you hit 30.

You know we don’t want you to crack a nerve or get all exhausted, so why not have all the fun while you are boosting with energy.

1. Sri Nagar


Whatever is stopping you to go to this place please chuck that thought out of your mind. The serene beauty of this place will always be one of the best visions you have witnessed in your life. After all, it is said to be “The Heaven” on earth.

2. Andaman

source: India Travel Forum

Even if you are scared of water, you have got to explore the aqua life of this place. Just let go of your fear and dive deep into the sea. Believe it or not, a few minutes underwater will be an experience that will be carved on your mind for forever. Also, it’s one of the most popular tourist places in India. Basically, it’s a water paradise.

3. Leh-Ladakh

image source: sunriseholidays.in

Who wouldn’t want to go here? It’s heaven for bikers and since last few years, this place has been on the bucket list of all the youngsters. Ride on the widest roads, set a camp in the middle of nowhere and do not forget to visit the famous Pangong lake. It will be a trip worth your time.

4. Coorg

Coorg, Karnataka
image source: govacations.in

Let your inner nature lover unleash its imagination here. Surrounded by the lush greenery and packed tea gardens, Coorg is literally a place that will make you feel closer to mother nature. The aroma of this place calms your devils and you meet a content you.

5. Assam

image source: magicalassam.com

Have you ever seen one horned Rhinos? Well, how would you until you visit Assam. It’s the home to these one-horned creatures. The culture, sceneries, flora, and fauna of this place are so poised that you might want to visit it again and again.

6. Shimla

image source: feelindia.org

Why this place? Well, simply because it is the king of all the hill stations. The place has become crowded owing to its popularity, however, if you can manage to go here off season you will get to explore much and that too at a cheaper rate. Don’t forget to ride on the colorful toy train from Kalka to Shimla. Check out some best places to visit this winter.

7. Udaipur

Source: rajasthan.gov

A city which is surrounded by lakes and has romance brewed in the air. It is also known as the Venice of India. The place consists various tourist sites and luxurious heritage hotels that provide the royal feel of yesteryears kings.

If you plan to cover all these places soon, we have many more for you in store. Travel all you can because you get only one life to see the whole world. Share with your friends and make it a group vacation. It’s better to travel in a pack than alone.

Avni S. Singh

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