5 Easy-Peasy Ways To Get A Free Flight Upgrade

Remember these 5 tips and tricks for a free flight upgrade and you’ll never have to travel in economy class again. Amazing, right?

Planes are one of the most amazing inventions by human beings, we’re able to travel all around the globe and the time required to do so is constantly cutting short. However, we all know that there are certain things that can entirely make the experience a living hell.

There are so many things that can go wrong with travelling on a plane, and engine failure or an attack is not even on the list in here. I’m talking about getting seated next to a parent with a small kid, or in a seat which is too small for you, or being stuck in a plane with no sort of entertainment, and every other disaster that you can think of. However, there are certain places on the plane where a passenger doesn’t have to worry about situations like these, and economy is definitely not that place.

If you have ever been blessed enough to get a free flight upgrade to a business or even first class, then you know exactly what plane heaven looks like. Move over those cramped up seats in the economy class, because business has so many great things to look forward to. From a big and comfy bed for your good night sleep, to a glass of delicious champagne, every dream comes true in there, and we all know how sweet everything free tastes.

source: Pinterest
source: Pinterest

So, we asked around and got to know about certain tips and tricks that have helped people in getting that free flight upgrade. And, we would like to share them with you, because, sharing is caring.

1. Join a Frequent-Flyer-Programme (FFP)

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If you’re someone who flies around quite frequently then you can totally apply for a Frequent-Flyer Programme (FFP). FFP is somewhat like a loyalty programme which is offered by an airline. If you usually pick a particular airline for all your travels and absolutely love them, then just get yourself enrolled into one of these programmes by the airline. This way, you’re more likely to get a free flight upgrade, whenever there’s a space.

2. Dress for Success

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Dress for success is a mantra that has been rote learned by many, and you need to put it to test in here. While your friends love the comfort and try to get into their sweatpants and slippers while travelling, make it a point to look more presentable. When you look like you deserve a free flight upgrade, you’ll get a free flight upgrade.

3. It doesn’t cost one cent to be polite, and it can get you an upgrade.

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No matter what you want to believe in life, but the truth is that being polite can get you anywhere, even to that dreamy and comfy business class. Ask polity at the check-in, and throw in a good reason if you have, like a birthday, anniversary or anything of that sort, and you might get yourself a free flight upgrade.

4. Travel alone.

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Remember, there’s more chance of you getting a free flight upgrade than your entire group of 5 getting one. So, be the smart one here and choose to travel alone, however, you also need to keep in mind the fact that a free upgrade would be there for few hours, but friends would be there for life. So, do the right thing and go for that upgrade this time.

5. Choose the timings

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Anyone can easily decode the trick behind this one. A peak-time flight to an on-demand destination would mean more people travelling there, which in return means no free space in the first class. So, try to think about the timings of your flight bookings, and you’ll get an easy, free flight upgrade.

Remember these tips and you might never have to travel in the economy again.

Jyotsna Amla