Dubai is famous not only for it’s luxurious lifestyle and a vibrant lifestyle but also for the amount of things it offers to everyone visiting the city. From visiting the hydropolis to Skiing at the Ski Dubai desert, one can indulge in a lot of things while traveling to Dubai. A desert city, Dubai has managed to rise up the ranks to become one of the most famous travel destinations in the world. If you stay in Chennai and want to go to a place that has fun quotient attached to it, then Dubai is the place for you. Just book your Chennai to Dubai flights to have fun in the royal city of Dubai. Here are some things you must try while in Dubai.

1. Visit the Burj al Arab hotel: One of the best hotels on earth, Burj Al Arab has to be on your list regardless of the fact that the extravagant luxury hotel is a long ways past what the normal globetrotter can manage.

Burj al Arab
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It’s choreographed lighting is intended to imitate water and fire. It includes a Rolls-Royce armada, a huge stride up from the normal voyager’s air terminal transport or taxi, and the suites range more than two stories. This is the penultimate lavish inn. Every floor elements it’s own front counter for private and careful registration, and it is completely staffed with stewards.

2. Explore the hydropolis: Another Dubai hotel, the Hydropolis offers the deception of being in Atlantis. It was worked by German specialists on the last accessible bit of beachfront property, and it offers hotel rooms as profound as 20 meters beneath ocean.

Explore the hydropolis
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This Dubai inn is an intriguing structural and stylish artful culmination, and is absolutely worth going by if you end up in Dubai.

3. Have fun in Dubailand: This super stop is more similar to a city inside a city. It is kind of like Dubai’s response to Disney world, yet some way or another more epic. It has amusement rides, sports complexes, inns, and eateries, and plans to end up as the prominent attraction for families heading out to Dubai.

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It is evaluated that amongst workers and guests, at any given time the number of tourists in Dubailand is more than two million individuals!

4. Skiing in the midst of a desert: Dubai also features a ski resort that is more than twenty thousand square meters. Likewise, how is this ski resort situated in the desert? Well… it is the biggest indoor snow park on the planet!

Skiing in the midst of a desert
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It offers 5 distinctive runs in varying difficulties, proficient ski educators, rentals, and even has a nearby play range for kids that is additionally an indoor snow park. There’s even a luge track to try if you are hardcore adventure lover.

5. Take a desert safari: If you love desserts, avoid the indoor snow parks and look out for Dubai’s desert safari packages. Complete with desert picnics and outdoors with Bedouins, these visits can be a genuine outdoors encounter. Here you can experience Dubai culture in outdoors of the desert. You can encounter the full Bedouin convention, in addition to appreciate the ride through the desert on open four wheeled vehicles similar to dune buggies.

take a desert safari
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With so many things to do in Dubai, get ready to have a blast in one of the most visited destinations in the world. Just book your tickets on Chennai to Dubai flights in advance to save yourself from last minute surge in airfares.

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7 June 2016
Dimpy Roy

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