Yahoo has confirmed that it suffered from a cyber attack which took place in 2014 and the attack has jeopardized the information of 500 Million users, making it one of the biggest breaches in history on the basis of the number of accounts affected.

The breach became a headline when a state-owned hacker claimed to have information about 200 Million users and tried to sell them on the black market in July this year for just $1800. The attacker named as ‘Peace’ stole email-addresses, phone numbers and other personal information about the users.

Yahoo has confirmed in a statement saying “We are working with the law enforcement agencies and there is no evidence of the hacker being present in Yahoo’s network”. Representatives of Yahoo also said that the users who have not changed their passwords since 2014 are most vulnerable to this attack and this encouraged the company to release this information.

Verizon announced their plan in July to buy Yahoo at $4.8 Billion next year but according to the recent rumours, Verizon may reevaluate the price for acquiring Yahoo after this cyber attack.

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23 September 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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