We all have been through situations where we mistakenly deleted or forget to download an important picture or video or audio file or even document sent to us through WhatsApp. In fact, we’re bound to be one of those considering the human-ness in us of making mistakes.

However, the recent WhatsApp Update will solve all of those problems for you considered the new update includes the feature through which one would be able to re-download all the once deleted images, videos, audio files, and even documents. The feature was earlier unavailable as WhatsApp deleted the content from its servers once downloaded by a user. The option to re-download content has been enabled on version 2.18.113, and users can test the same.


Earlier, WhatsApp used to store the ‘undownloaded’ media content on their server for 30 days and deleted it as soon as the user viewed it on their device. And, once the media content was deleted, there was no other to way to bring back the content on the device, but in their latest update WhatsApp addresses the issue and brings in the option to do so.

But there’s a catch in all of this, the feature only works for content that has been received in the past few months provided the user has only deleted the file and not the chat in the app. The feature as of now only works on Android and not on iOS, this is possibly due to the way folder permissions are structured on the iPhone.

While the entire update is a good news for the users, WhatsApp is choosing to constantly ignore the problems with their Beta version. The current WhatsApp Beta version is undergoing a ‘timestamp’ problem due to which time of messages, ‘yesterday’ and ‘today’ are being replaced with each other.

Users are also facing some problems in terms of alphabets and words being replaced with each other. Hope to see an update on that issue too.

Jyotsna Amla

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