Evolution has led changes on physical Earth; we humans have evolved ourselves from hunting of food to agricultural, from agriculture to industries and factories and now to internet and space technology. We are evolving day in and out, so do the ‘JOB Requirements’ of our world. Remember earlier we have stenographers, OH! We still have stenographers but now they are getting replaced by virtual assistants and computers. What about early typewriting days, well we still do typewriting isn’t it; the difference is we do it on computers. This will keep on going old jobs in a new flavor. We began to search new avenues to ease our life with something new and different, earlier electricity was a major change in people’s life and now internet and technology, what will be the future no one knows. For example, now we have ROBO’s to serve us. If we will keep on working to ease our life what we will have as humans, we are thinking creatures; we can’t live without working or doing something, and only being lazy will not work.

Future Jobs
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So, while I was sitting and thinking about our activities and nuisances we do, I thought of future kids and future jobs so here is my thought of “NEXT FUTURE JOBS”. Well, we all will be lawyers, doctors, engineers, teachers, professors, technicians and etc. However the type will vary.

1. Carry Friendly Oxygen Cylinder

Now if we keep on going like this and here I mean in polluting the environment than soon we will be having oxygen centers for refilling of your carry-friendly oxygen cylinder, Like Gas stations we will be equipped with oxygen centers. After all, we are filling the air with Carbon dioxide and poisonous gasses which are by-products of our manufacturing industries and factories and let us not forget the love for our fossil fuels like coal and petroleum based products. So oxygen cylinders will be the choice. The way we make water into a commodity and we have mineral water in the bottle these days, soon we will have oxygen in bottle last I heard, in China this has already started.

2. Body Cleaning Services

Now, here we are not talking about spa and sauna, here we are talking about internal cleansing. Remember there will be oxygen cylinders with us, so we will be carrying tons of toxics around which need to be removed, like we use spa services these days to remove dead cells from skin and to relax so in future we will have internal toxic flushing systems, with the help of which once in a month our intestines, stomach, liver, kidneys and other organs will get clean. Wow! Nice to get a cleaning done like our CARS get at the mechanic shop. However, the process and procedures will be a whole new game.

3. Genetic Improvement Center (GIC)

The advances we have in genetic and cloning, soon there will be a day when either a human will be born out of selective DNA or we will have genetic improvement center, the pros of this will be for people with disabilities and those who suffered from some diseases and accidents, however cons can be really dangerous. Human Mind knows no control; it may be a possibility that FRANKENSTEIN will come true.

4. Law Officers and Advisors for GIC

Now next job is related to this genetic centers of Improvement, as there will be these centers. we will have various laws which will make by legislature and executive to control and execute these laws and special judiciary. So, one can imagine the plethora of job opportunity here like Genetic Advisor, Law supervisor for genetics amendment etc.

5. Mechanics, Service Center and Updating Center and Technicians

Alternative and modified methods are easy for us from always. We are in love of modification, so an old tool can be modified into something else and this we know is a boon for every creative mind and for some a way to earn the livelihood. May be there a machine modified organ for your failed internal organ. We already have made progress into liver and heart, next could be a small or large intestine.

6. Recycler

Well, I guess in an all new world, this job is something which stays forever. What to do with old stuff when new is here. Recycling will play a major role in coming future. Hope that advance technology helps us in getting rid of our old inventions specially plastics; hope the new fashion will be of plastic recycle that too, to help in building something useful for an environment and us. We all know oceans are now filled with our crap and the world is struggling to keep ocean chemistry pollutant free, so maybe we will get a new JOB as Plastic Recycler.

7. Flying Taxi Services and Two-wheelers

Well, roads are already congested and even we have congested the air traffic our airplanes fly in the air to seek landing permission. So, the new middle way is the solution, so we will have flying taxi services and two-wheelers which we will fly in the air, so we will also have training on “How to fly your vehicle in the air”. Hope the population we have 7.2 Billion now will find the way to travel without traffic. What about the next and new method of transportation.

8. Self-Transporting Vehicle Through Space and Some X Dimension:

Imagine thinking about a place feeding it into a machine and visiting the place while using the atoms of ours. This idea is there in movies, however once it will turn into reality, it will be a good business and employment generation sector.

9. Modifiers and Improvers

Who said the people who are not rich cannot get the taste of upper world tactics and tastes. We will have modifiers who will modify old to get the taste of new. Like old computers will be modified to new machinery. Modifiers and Improvers will never go out-of-fashion. They will turn the junk into some useful.

10. Expressions Teachers

Believe it or not, even today due to work pressure and life styles we are lacking this beautiful aspect of ours i.e. is expressions. Soon we will forget to express, express our love, anger, pain etc. We will only have stress and depression, so this will lead to the coaching of expression teachers like we have for foreign language. Soon we will take classes for expressions. How to express and how to emote our inner self.

11. Scientific Compatibility Center of Love

Imagine a day, when all the people will take help of some formulas and tests to find the love of their life, still I wonder what will be that life, a compatible partner will it mean there will be no sweet little fights, no small break ups and make ups, no one will give efforts to make another one happy. Will science rule the love life too? Future will tell about it as now-a-days dating apps do have initiated to create a match on likes and dislikes, this is the initiation I guess. Relationships compatibility through scientific methodology, may be it will be successful however the cute gestures and undefined chemistry, can It be defined on scientific lines? The rational & logical approach towards love, will it be called humane or is it for machines. We are humans, we have right to be rational and illogical sometime. Sadly, this job as love scientist will still be taken by many.

Visit Your Dream World

Imagine with all the updated technology, systems and software we will get the opportunity to create a dream world of ours and live in it. Like we have Disney world these days, there will be some closed centers of advance technology where one can create an own world and live there for days and months. Imagine you want to become a memorable character from Shakespeare novel, and you will relive the novel in your dream land, or may you to live like King from ancient times, the advance machine will take you there and cherish your dream.

Whatever the new, future jobs will be, hope we humans just do the good as till now whomsoever I have met want a peaceful, clean air and clean water with natural scenic beauty around. Wait, we all had that, which we destroyed for our greed and hunger of power. So, if there is someone who is creating and working for future, can there be a job which will help in removing the greed from human instinct or if there will be any advance software to remove the hunger of power from a human. Whatever the jobs will be it will have just an enhanced version of what we do now. So, these future jobs are not a threat till we live in our planetary boundaries, after all, we are the one species on the Earth which has the capability to think beyond limits, we have the knowledge and ‘curiosity’ to leash the unleash, to imagine and to create magically and huge inventions. We have led to some new discoveries and still are in the process of understanding and mitigating risk of nature and Universe and having said that will there be a job of interpreter between humans and extra or outer terrestrial species or humans. I guess Future will tell us about everything.

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18 March, 2016

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