Parenting has entirely been changed since a few decades. The adoption of digital technologies and the prevalence of the internet have introduced parents to new concerns such as cyberbullying, online predation, screen-time, addictive social media use, free and easily accessible porn stuff, and increased psychological, physical and mental health issues of children. Thankfully, the technology has bestowed us with the solutions to monitor children’s digital behavior and safeguard them from the meanness of the online world.

Parents’ Concerns about Technology

The time has changed so the parents’ concerns are. Previously they were only obliged to safeguard their kids from the real-world threat but now there is a whole new digital world to challenge them with horrible potential dangers.

Screen Time Battle

Today’s kids never take a break from technology. Whether they are in school, at home or in play areas, they always have a screen in front of them. They have computers, mobile phones, televisions, and tablets to work and play. Apart from the benefits, this technology has made the new generation inactive and unfit because it limits them to screens and prevents them from going out and have some physical activities. Parents must be aware that how much is too much when it comes to kids’ technology use.

Potential Online Dangers

Teens dedicate most of their waking hours to the internet and social media which is distressing. The more they remain online the more odds are of them being encountered to online predators, cyberbullies, catfishers, hackers and sexually explicit stuff. The cyber predators find and victimize adolescents using basic social media platforms, chat rooms, online games and other prevalent online sources. The predators sexually exploit them and the catfishers and hackers deceive them for monetary gain. Parents are responsible for monitoring the online activities of their kids to protect them from such loses.


Distraction is probably among the major cons of the technology. We have smartphones, gadgets and on top the internet which is full of diversions. All these things prevent kids from concentrating on their studies and their life objectives because in every second you have a tweet or an Instagram photo to pass your judgment on.

How Technology Oils the Wheel of Parenting?

Though the latest communication technologies have put an extra burden on parents, these have provided support in executing their responsibilities in an efficient way.

More Information

The internet is the best friend of parents if used wisely. It provides guidance on the topics of pregnancy, parenting and several health issues of children and elders. Just put your query in Google and you will probably have the best solutions for your problem. You can communicate with other parents and support groups on social media and other online sources and seek their advice on any concern relating to parenting.

Digital Monitoring

There are various tools that help parents monitor the digital lives of kids and encourage them to use the technology in a responsible and secure manner. You can monitor the social media accounts of your teens and tweens and keep tabs on their mobile phone and internet use. You can take the support of the mobile phone monitoring app to track all the online and offline activities of your offspring from anywhere and anytime. With the digital monitoring app, you can read their messages and emails, listen to their phone calls, spy on their social media accounts and instant messengers, get their internet browsing history and track their GPS location.

Parental Controls

The mobile devices, computers, digital television services, video games, apps, and software offer parental controls to assist parents in restricting certain content access to their children. You can restrict access to the online content which you think inappropriate for your kids’ age. The internet explorers like Google Chrome have built-in parental controls to filter content and restrict access to age-inappropriate stuff. There is parental control software that let you control the usage of the digital devices and set time limits for the use. This software let you block the objectionable websites and restrict explicit content on the mobile phones and computers in use of your kids.

The Bottom Line

Parenting has received both favorable and unfavorable influences from the technology. But the most successful parents in the digital age are those who get a grasp of these technologies and drive them in their own way.

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