Thousands of people go online and search about how to make the computer fast. Optimizing or making the computer run fast, is easy but it goes back to being slow again with use. However, you can use the ReadyBoost feature in Microsoft Windows with a USB stick, that will not go slow with time. We show you how to increase computer speed.

How to Activate Readyboost Windows 10

If your Windows 10 computer is too slow, you might have searched online about what you can do to make your computer fast. However, amidst the plethora of results or suggestions, only a handful of work. The rest are either outdated methods to make the computer run faster or they are simply lame.

This includes pranks like downloading the RAM which is simply hilarious but also tragic because due to the lack of knowledge, people click on the download button and get their computer infected. A removable storage medium is sufficient to boost the speed and get more performance out of it. It can be a USB stick or even an SD card. This is possible with the ReadyBoost technology which is now available with Windows 10.

The storage space of the removable medium is used to expand the hard disk’s cache. This is particularly beneficial for systems that have little memory. The technology has been around since Windows Vista.

How to Activate ReadyBoost

You can only use ReadyBoost if your system uses a mechanical hard disk (HDD). If Windows is installed on an SSD, you cannot enable ReadyBoost. The reason is that because this type of hard drive is so fast that, according to Windows, probably no additional benefit can be achieved by installing it. 

According to Microsoft, the USB stick or memory card must also be at least 500 megabytes (MB) in size and have a high data transfer rate. To activate ReadyBoost, do the following:

1. Insert the USB stick or memory card into the computer.

2. Open the file explorer. To do this, right-click on the Windows symbol at the bottom left and select Explorer.

3. Find the removable disk in the list on the left, click with the right mouse button on the symbol and select Properties in the menu.

4. Click the ReadyBoost tab above and follow the on-screen instructions.

Windows 10 Readyboost

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If Windows can use the device for ReadyBoost, the system determines how much space it needs to use from the removable storage device. This memory space is then reserved for the ReadyBoost function.

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