The WhatsApp new features are here- have you noted them already?

The United States has Facebook messenger that is commonly known as the most frequently-used messaging service. China may be inclined, as seen, for the longest amount of time, towards WeChat. Telegram might be catching up fast in several European countries, particularly where the 2019 security features tell the tale. But for the better part of the remainder of the world, the most frequently used or commonly used messaging service continues to be WhatsApp.

There are several reasons that have contributed to the undisputed rise of WhatsApp in recent times. But most would tell that the relative ease of using the messaging service and the convenience it offers perhaps suffices in explaining what has been a large success story. In fact, so immensely popular and useful has been the rise of WhatsApp and its presence in our lives that it may not be wrong to suggest that the first chat or messaging service that strikes our mind when we think of the term ‘chatting’ is, invariably, WhatsApp. Is this not true?

The idea of dropping someone an SMS- a term, that one wonders, isn’t even used all that much nowadays- has, over the years, gone on to become, slightly redundant. Ever noticed that? Well, if not then, surely either you hardly use tech or social media in your life or it could be said that you have been sort of living under a rock. How else can one justify someone completely missing out on noting the incredible rise of WhatsApp?

But guess what? Just as we are approaching the very fag end of the year, at a time where we are busy making plans and resolutions, it seems, it has been business as usual at WhatsApp- one of the most favorite habits of the world!

The widely-noted messaging chat always comes up with new features that are aimed at making our conversations and experiences better. It’s an aspect the Facebook-owned service aims to improve all the time.

What’s making news at the moment are the WhatsApp new features! Did you get around to see them; or have you noticed some of them at your end? Well if not, then it’s about time you got familiarized with the WhatsApp new features.

Whatsapp new feature
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Here are 3 among the WhatsApp new features that you should know of:

WhatsApp Text Reminder: Let’s face it. Where Whatsapp texts were concerned and the overall experience of using the service, there was never such as thing as a reminder- isn’t it?

In fact, the concept of a reminder was restricted largely to the features offered by your smartphone! But heck, features are always upgraded and the same can be said about one of the world’s most favourite habits.

From now on, WhatsApp will allow you to set a reminder or receive alerts within the app. But there’s a catch here. For about a week- which happens to be a popular reminder app will allow the WhatsApp users to set reminders and create tasks. But then after a week’s time, users will be charged for the service.

WhatsApp Call waiting: Among the most important WhatsApp new features, is the recently introduced WhatsApp call waiting feature, a new addition to the long line of features the famous chat, messaging service offers. But this one is a bit different.

So what is it exactly?

Unlike the usual call waiting option on the standard telecom services, where one has the option to put the call on hold and can even talk simultaneously with different people, the new WhatsApp feature allows you to take only one call at a time. While you can see the new call coming, you get the option to accept or reject it; without there being an option to put the call on hold.

WhatsApp Group invite blocking: The WhatsApp new features are already exciting and being much talked about. But perhaps this one, in particular, would excite as much as it would generate some debate. Something which didn’t previously exist was the WhatsApp group invite blocking feature. And perhaps it may not be entirely incorrect to state that among the WhatsApp new features, the group invite blocking option would particularly interest those who aren’t really that big on chat or exchanging too much information and thoughts.

What happens in the WhatsApp group invite blocking feature is that unlike previously where anyone could send you an invite to join a group- the new feature gives you the freedom to exercise your choice.

You can now receive three options to choose from- Everyone, My Contacts, and My Contacts except!

So should we say the introverts would appreciate this new feature?

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