To some, it signifies a daily habit. To most others, it is a ritual that takes place every minute. It’s an unprecedented habit. In fact, it is something that is obsessive and quite simply, grows on you. You are fueled by the temptation of receiving a text the same way you are driven by the habit of sending one.

At a time where social media is so dominantly playing a part in our lives, it may not be wrong to suggest that WhatsApp is gaining hugely out of this. It’s dominating the discussion, it’s changing narratives.

And where it comes to the sub-continent, then WhatsApp in India is currently witnessing a period of unprecedented growth. So here comes a question.

Just what connotes that WhatsApp in India is facing the best-ever period in its journey? Well, you don’t really have to go that far. Simply, browse through the balance sheets of the famous messaging app and you’ll understand why!

Whatsapp's boom

Recently, not too long in the past, WhatsApp’s profit figures for FY2019 came out and were met with immense applause, for simply there was no other way of putting it.

In FY2019, WhatsApp in India scored massive profits, actually amounting to Rs 6.84 crore. For the first time did WhatsApp’s India profits lofted to reach such a whopping figure.

The above was confirmed by the documents filed with the Registrar of Companies, also known as the ROC. But the future of the world-famous messaging app, a consummate in the better part of the world is also preparing for exploring greener pastures.

So how is that?

Currently, as it turns out, WhatsApp in India is awaiting the approvals needed to launch the online payments service, a strategic new step that shall further bolster the market presence for the noteworthy app.

In addition to the above, it’s worthwhile noting that while WhatsApp noted revenues that ran in few crores, it also noted a profit of around Rs 57 lakh for the financial year.


The existing and forthcoming period for WhatsApp’s India operations also generates a lot of confidence for the Facebook-owned firm. This is due to the fact that at the present moment, it is reported that at least a million businesses currently use the famous messaging giant to interact and communicate with their customers.

Information about travel portals- their plans and itineraries, information about clothing brands, and even stock prices that are reported on a daily basis exchange hands over WhatsApp.

But when specifically contacted about what made its India operations a huge hit, then WhatsApp’s sources claimed that its successes are attributed to its IT-enabled business processes outsourcing services.

The fiscal year 2019 has proven out to be rather special for the company because back in FY2018, WhatsApp hadn’t reported any revenues whatsoever. Above all, back then WhatsApp in India had reported expenses of around Rs 5 Lakh for the last year.

One can only expect WhatsApp in India to reach further unprecedented heights in the upcoming year. Who knows 2020 might take the company to far-reaching heights!

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