Social media might have given most of us a channel of expression or a foundation of thought. But today, its essence is more than just about forwarding some weirdly structured or incoherently delivered thought. It’s not just about a message or a rabble or starting a needless fight.

Social media is about putting a presser on things we want to speak about or speak against. And then, attempting to logically defend or stand for something- whether it is a view, idea or an opinion. Isn’t it? Maybe, it won’t hurt to add that social media is about creating a community of those who think like us; in some ways, then, getting together a community of something we stand for and believe is what social media eventually unfurls.

And in here lies the agony and beauty of the social media, whether one speaks of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other massy platform today. For a lot many people, social media- it must be shared- is akin to a mothball of uploading crazy stuff. Perceptibly, uploading “crass” or simply, for the lack of a better word, “unworldly” stuff such as images, personal pictures, viewpoints, opinions and whatnot that may actually be utterly meaningless.

Wondering if that is even true or makes sense? Here’s some contention, rather food for thought. Had the social media universe not been a safe haven also for fools to prevail, what might have ever justified the sheer baselessness of outright stupidity that goes on, it; where stuff like inexplicable and insufferable personalised pictures of people was shared? Why on earth would anyone do something like bring their own personal lives in the midst of a billion-plus audience, conveniently commenting on the same from a safe distance?

Take a closer look at these pictures and then submit your own, possibly discerning view behind what may have been going in the focused couple’s minds to have even featured in front of the camera- with something so truly bizarre?

For starters, which person on earth has the absolute lack of a regard to speak of one’s frame of mind- rather not so coyly- in the immediate even of someone’s death? The last place, where one doesn’t upload a picture or a status update- strictly, a no- is the online universe. In fact, who would like to be captured or clicked, let alone click a portrait of a self with a message including that about the person in condolence feeling sad or let down about another’s loss, whilst seeming to be holding an inflated self-view?

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It’s totally understandable that some are too ‘keen’ to express their love for one other and that too, at really odd times or places but what does that tell you about a couple who are fragrantly making out- at least, appearing to be doing so- in being next to a sprawling green where one can see easily a tomb?

Why on earth is this child attempting to eat the sickening item which is shown clearly in another person’s hand? If it could be asked, why is that hand ever so keen to drive the kid absolute nuts all the way? Smokes for nibbling? In fact, let it be answered today that why exactly was a little child being fed a cigarette. This is, strange and totally unmanly. It might, for the first sheer absurd look of it, seem to be a stupid picture, funny even, but if you were to spend, at least a minute examining the real worthlessness behind this scary little picture- you’d know that these things might have originated deliberately in a raw emotion aimed at evoking a laugh; rather were manufactured deliberately. It could be said, that the same emanated from a promising career in selfie fails or other abysmal photo-bombing activities.

Yet, it is but tough to understand the person’ right frame of mind as to be partaking in ludicrous and failed images that aren’t even succeeding to put across a smile onto a person’s face.

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