Twitter has brought in a new update for its app on mobile phones and to say the least, people are confused and absolutely hate it.

There should be a golden rule in the handbook of popular social medias that the companies should try to bring in change as slowly as possible so that people are not even aware of the whole change even happening.

So, basically, Twitter decided to revamp one of their features today, and from now onwards, Usernames would not show up in replies to anymore. They would now appear above the tweet, and you can even control who’s part of the conversation by simply tapping on the list. However, change is difficult to handle due to which many are basically losing their shit on guess where? Yes, Twitter, well because of Twitterati.

Source: Buzzfeed


They have some good but majorly bad stuff to say about the change on Twitter. Check out some of the hilarious ones, over here:

Err on Twitter

If you don’t like the new Twitter update, you can always go to settings, delete your account and @ people in real life as much as you can.

SAGAR on Twitter

@narendramodi Please ask Twitter to roll back this update. The country has voted for you. It’s time you do something for us.

R on Twitter

what my timeline looks like after this Twitter update

SAGAR on Twitter

Twitter’s new update. #Unnecessary

Rishabh on Twitter

My Timeline after #TwitterUpdate

pnkj on Twitter

Who is this guy at Twitter Head Quarters who gets drunk as fuck once every month and shouts “let’s update twitter and fuck shit up”?

Akshar on Twitter

Twitter HQ meeting room] “Folks, Twitter’s stock isn’t plunging down fast enough” Guy at the back: “I have an idea for an app update…

moo on Twitter

with every twitter update i become more and more convinced that no one who works for twitter actually uses it or even knows what it is

Michael Tracey on Twitter

For its next update, Twitter should devise a feature that allows users to be inundated with negativity 100% of the time, rather than 99.9%


excited 4 the new twitter update where they come 2 ur house n break ur laptop n phone w a hammer

Rofl Gandhi on Twitter

New Twitter update

Arlina Avocado on Twitter

Ok this new twitter update made everyone look crazy like you’re talking to no one

31st March 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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