Twitter Is Blowing Up With #Chor_RajnikantVsCID Memes And They’re Funny AF

If Social Media is our life then jokes and memes are its oxygen because you need something to cope up with this hyperactive world. This is the same reason why many pages on Social Media go viral through the means of their following and wit. One such name is RajnikantVsCID which has gone from a mere joke page to now a big website which recently partnered with Anushka Sharma’s Phillauri, and that is a very big thing.

However, in the race to offer new jokes every now and then, one does lags behind and takes the help of plagiarism for maintaining their presence. RajnikantVsCID is popularly known for such thing, however, after this one incident, people are trying their best to make people boycott it.

The incident happened when they stole a tweet from a girl and turned it into a meme for their facebook page, it obviously got many likes and comments, to which when the real creator messaged them about their theft, they replied in the most bizarre way possible. Now, everyone is mocking them and tweeting some of the best memes and jokes with #Chor_RajnikantVsCID.

SAGAR on Twitter

Dear @nsitharaman & @MVenkaiahNaidu pls let us know if our tweets are our intellectual property of not? #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

You need to check out these memes to understand why it’s possibly one of the best things to happen today on the Internet.

Abhay on Twitter

RVCJ admin favorite place to hang out is Chor Bazaar. #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

Dhawal Barot on Twitter

Chor_RajnikantVsCID Guys, not only twitter. Here is proof how they copied my story frm Quora. They nvr gave me credit. Post is still live

Silly Point ‏ on Twitter

Wife: When will we plan a baby? RVCJ admin: Padosi ko to karne do pehle.. #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

PanKaj KuMar on Twitter

Reason behind why RVCJ post dont get likes,RTs on twitter as much as FB coz Twitterati r more intelligent than FB users #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

अतिशबाज़ जनेऊ धारी on Twitter

Keyboard of legendary @AnkitM03 #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

Raushan Raj on Twitter

Chor Dad : Bada hokar kya banoge Chor Son : RVCJ banuga Chor dad : Shabaashh Bete !! #Chor_RajnikantVsCID



Swikriti on Twitter

When tweeps ask RVCJ admin to give them credits or post something original: #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

Qween of WinterHell on Twitter

RVCJ interview* RVCJ Admin: Why shud we hire u? Candidate: Why shud we hire u? *hired* #Chor_RajnikantVsCID

26th April 2017
Jyotsna Amla

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