Matrimonial advertisements are essential to your newspaper that you often indulge in with your morning cup of tea. This also means that they’re essential to your mornings, and if there’s one thing that we have learned after going through so many matrimonial advertisements over the years, then it has to be that we as a nation are obsessed with deep-pocketed men and fair and slim women. So much for choosing the right partner and family for your kids through these advertisements.

However, almost everything that you have read and intentionally ignored over the years, can never equal to this particular matrimonial advertisement, titled – Young Achievers Matrimony Advertisement. While others either seek a bride or groom from a well-respected family, this one aims at totally different strata of our society, and that is, families with tons of money.

The idea has been put forth by a matrimonial agency in Bengaluru that advertises on the idea of bringing some of the most influential families in the country together, all for getting their kids or themselves married. But not everyone can get in, one needs to be ultra rich, alumni of institutes like IIT and IIM and successful, as for the women, they need to be beautiful. Yes, they need to either be just beautiful to get in here or they need to be beautiful on top of all of this, to be part of this swayamwar-esque event.

This sanskaari bourgeois banquet has an attendance fee of Rs. 10000 to 25000 for a luxurious VEG. lunch and high tea.

If you are as much mind-boggled about the news as we are, then trust us, we both are not alone on this ship. Netizens from all over the country have come together to collectively laugh at this absurdity and some have even raised some important questions about the entire Young Achievers Matrimony Advertisement.

Here are some reactions to this illogical matrimony advertisement.

In the end, anything can happen, some might actually find their soulmates and end up marrying each other all because of this event, however, no one can deny the fact that events like these perpetuate the risk of already prevalent casteism in the society. It is us just us and our generation that can bring the required change, which is why ads like these deserve no place in any kind of media around us anymore.

Jyotsna Amla

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