This New Feature Of WhatsApp Is Actually The Best Thing For All That Group Chat You Do!!

WhatsApp is evolving every day and it’s getting better and better, though the developers have announced few months back that it will include the ads in coming future but we are more than thankful to them that till now this chatting app is ad free. (I can’t even imagine WhatsApp with ads)

However, this chatting app has launched a new feature which can be a boon and a curse for us. Are you more comfortable in chatting on the groups where you find every friend, relative or colleagues at one place? Well, if you are then this feature is just what you needed but if you like to keep it private and make one to one conversation, this feature can really annoy you.

WhatsApp added a new mentions feature which allows you to tag individuals in a group chat. Yes! now you can actually communicate with one person of the group without getting all of them confused. You can simply type @name of the person and it will give you the name of the group members you can tag, you then have to tap on the name (Like Facebook) and send the message. It will notify the tagged person and make it easier to avoid confusion between the discussions.

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So you see if you a person who actively participates in a group chat this is actually a much-needed update and for all those who keep their group notifications mute to avoid the participation, we feel sorry as you may be dragged into a conversation forcefully but you can always choose to ignore the message. (There is your silver lining)

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20 September 2016
Avni S. Singh

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