Diversity is in; it’s like a latest globally followed template of sorts. Everywhere you go, whatever you see, everybody is celebrating diversity. Nice, isn’t it? So at a time where Diversity+Inclusion is becoming a burning new celebration of sorts, why would dating apps lag behind? If in case, you were wondering about any latest Tinder News on these lines, then you won’t have to worry. You’ve guessed it right.

Here’s what you need to know. In a bid to lend more credibility to its overall ‘user experience’, hotly followed American dating site, Tinder has now introduced as many as 23 new sections in a bid to cater to the fundamentals of diversity.

This basically means, in their readiness to find a right ‘partner’ for romantic liaisons and et cetera (et cetera) one would now have a greater and more detailed access to view profiles from different cultural heritage and backgrounds.

That sounds fun, right? In fact, that sounds just like what one would expect from the DNA of among the most widely admired dating apps ever- isn’t it?

Here’s a bit more on this highly engrossing latest Tinder news.

The latest introduction on Tinder that concerns the addition of as many as 23 new gender options is a factor that’s specifically been introduced for Tinder’s India audiences. Now, if that’s not an exclusive privilege of sorts, then one wonders, just what is?

So what is the real change actually?

Well, let’s not get confused. Here’s what has changed, in effect. Until now, all that one could do on Tinder, in India, was to simply check out profiles. These used to be obviously on both the genders- men and women.

And that was that. There wasn’t any great detailing in terms of delving into a girl or a boy’s real background; ethnic or cultural profile.

Now, that option is available.

In fact, in a bid to really explain how Tinder in India has embraced the concept of ‘Diversity,’ an important source directly concerned with the app’s managerial role offered some insights:

“Users are best to assert their own identity and our latest update gives them the opportunity to decide how to express themselves authentically and it has been a good year in India for gender, sexuality and personal autonomy,” Taru Kapoor, General Manager, Tinder India, said in a statement.

Standing true to its motto of Match, Chat, and Date, Tinder is now giving its Indian audiences a plenty of freedom and ‘wide-ranging’ choices to opt for. Just who wouldn’t want to make a good use of this feature? So, have you enrolled yourself on Tinder? And, if yes, then have you found your ideal date? Go ahead: Match, chat, and date mate!

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