Hard to stay without it… not the best possible choice, after all, to stick with it! How often, should this be asked, have we heard of such a phrase, whether it is in the respect of eating something unhealthy, or related to our proclivity for shopping purely out of an impulse? Some of our complicated but favorite choices are a bit like instant noodles- we can’t stay without and in the same regard, we mustn’t always stick with it. What do you reckon? In that regard, we can also speak of the role played by social media and our increased dependencies on it, on a daily basis. Ever thought about it?

In the past several years, as the world’s trends and regular reports point out, our proclivity toward using social media increasingly, whether simply for killing time entertainingly or for voicing our thoughts and reasons constructively has been a dominant narrative of our lives. So implicit, it could be said, is the role played by social media that when individuals take something like a mini-sabbatical from it, we feel, someone is gradually returning back to ‘normal’ life; such downpressing can be its hangover. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or whatnot- there may not be time for the others in our lives, there’ll always be time for it, one feels. So what are the social media trends of 2020 in the times to come?

Let’s examine what will be the important social media trends of 2020:

The Death Of The Like Button On Instagram

One of the social media sites that are seeking to make the concept of

‘likes’ less prominent, among the key social media trends of 2020 would be the phasing out of the ‘like’ button on popular social media site Instagram.

Instagram is the lair of influencers; where brands and personalities hang out for popularising a concept, product, and whatnot.

In the forthcoming times, in the not-so-distant future, one will no longer be able to see the number of likes that other Instagram posts get, although you’d still be able to see how many likes your own posts received.

key social media trends of 2020

TikTok Will Be The Key Disruptor In The Future

Finally, a platform that doesn’t really hardsell a product or service and is more individual-oriented in its conception- there’s no escaping TikTok nowadays.

We are in times where virality in the sphere of social media isn’t only confined to the written word or the contextual text-heavy post. Creative video representation that has an element of entertainment is the new trend nowdays and shall continue to dominate the times in the future. 

TikTok, it is safe to say, in this regard, along with Lasso and Byte, shall continue to grow in popularity. TikTok, therefore, will continue to inspire the influencers and series of micro-influencers in the near future and shall be a leading contributor to the key social media trends of 2020.

The Rise of Personalized Video Marketing

One of the key social media trends of 2020 will be a facet that’s already becoming common practice in the contemporary internet stratosphere. Gone are the days where ads were devoid of personal stories or specific hyper-relevant content. Today’s social media universe, whether Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, has already been pushing brands to engage in content generation using Story Ads. 

A big reason for this being among the key social media trends of 2020 is that where seen in the recent times, Story Ads generally have better click-through rates vis-a-vis the traditional News Feed ads.

The Impetus Will Be On Private Conversations

The art of communication, if you notice, has undergone tremendous change, whether on a Facebook or Twitter. A common change, of late, has been the tendency of individuals to connect with one another using messaging apps like Facebook messenger. It’s probably down to the fact that there’s been a worry stemming from a general lack of privacy on platforms such as Facebok. Personalized communication, therefore, is the go-to need of the hour tool and it’s vital too! One feels a general intimacy and focused communication on one-on-one chat. Therefore, among the key social media trends of 2020 will be the increased importance given to personalized communication, not so much on public communication on social media sites.

Brands Will Attempt To Build Trust With Audiences On Social Media

Social media trends

Implicit in the art of communication and the rise of popularity of social media sites is that they aren’t only popular among common users but also among brands and services.

Yet, at the same time, brands must do well to remember that social media mustn’t be used to only exploit the space to help sell or advocate a brand. Rather, the impetus should be given to build a sense of trust with the consumer, rather the prospective consumer.

Among the key social media trends of 2020 will the practice of brands to use social media sites as a space wherein they could build a credible level of dialogue and interaction with the consumer, seeing the platform as an opportunity for communicating brand value to engage more meaningfully with the end-users.

In that sense, it appears that one of the ways to ensure just that would be to communicate the human side of a brand to the consumer.

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