Truth be told, it won’t be a misstatement of sorts to suggest the following:

Possibly there’s not a day where anyone anywhere in the world doesn’t hang out or spend time on popular video streaming platform YouTube. Whether you are in for watching videos or creating video content, there are too many popular options available at your dispisal to do so, other than YouTube.

It’s a game-changer of sorts. It’s a habit. Gone are the days when it was about to grow on us for it’s an incessant means of everyday consumption. It’s implicit in our imagination. It’s the next hot button you’re about to press on any electronic gadget. And quite possibly, it’s the site you ‘most’ visit or the application you most end up using on any given day.

To that end, here’s a humble confession.

It won’t be incorrect to conjecture that amongst the many instances of America exhibiting its soft-power, YouTube is an outstanding mainstream example.

And now YouTube is also doing its bit to change the face of mainstream fashion, in a bid to popularise it. The famous video-uploading and video-streaming platform are adding its own finesse to a part of popular culture that breeds on virality and constant change. To put it succinctly, a sense of newness that never gets old.

Now, time for the question. What exactly is YouTube doing in order to fan the flames of fashion?

Apparently, the famous video content platform has only recently created (or launched) a dedicated channel for fashion that aims to shed light on popular styles and trends that the world commonly comes to consume.

To that end, maybe it’s time that one got familiarised with YouTube Fashion, the one-stop destination for everything there’s to know about the growing clout of fashion, something that (quite uniquely) ‘never grows out of style!’

YouTube mainstream

And understandably so, the feeding thought behind YouTube Fashion is to draw consumers and viewers toward a new wave of fashion and beauty content that is:

Easy to share

Easy to access

And built on virality

The above, then, will help generate hundreds and thousands of eyeballs.

But that said, if one were to go by an incredible piece of statistic gathered by leading tech journal Tech-Crunch (, then what excites one most about the realm of fashion is that ever since the calendar year 2017, there’s hardly been a dearth of fashion and beauty content, a major crowd-puller!

According to the website, beauty videos in 2018 alone generated more than 169 billion views on YouTube! Just try to draw your mind to consume that mighty figure!

Moreover, more recently, some of the biggest names in the world of fashion have set their sights on YouTube. Today, YouTube says the number of Fashion & Beauty channels on the site have grown more than 6X from 2014 to 2018, and combined, generated billions of views in 2018.

YouTube’s new platform- YouTube Fashion- will, therefore, curate fashion and beauty content, help organize it better so that it can reach millions of eyeballs that deserve to view it.

It could be said that the drastic new direction being taken by YouTube comes at a time where growing social networking platforms such as Instagram have also created a destination for fashion and style, having only recently entered the E-commerce space.

But getting into a specific genre of content is nothing new for YouTube, which had already launched a specific gaming destination.

It’s a means of critical expansion for the platform. YouTube, meanwhile, is better known for establishing beauty stars like Yuya, Bethany Mota, Michelle Phan,  Zoe Sugg, James Charles, Tati Westbrook, Jaclyn Hill among the others. Interesting developments these, isn’t it?

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