Google is hiring comedy writer to enhance user experience while using Google Assistant. They want to increase the humour quotient in the app and have already appointed comedy writers from Pixar and The Onion.

Google Assistant, which was launched last in May worldwide, is capable of suggesting replies in an ongoing conversation and can also act as a virtual person with whom you can talk to when feeling lonely.

Google Assistant was initially launched in the messenger app Allo and a Hindi version was also made available to attract more users. The app is regarded as the best instant messaging app in the current market situations.

Siri has been the market leader in when it comes to audio assistants for a long time. It can tell you jokes, search the internet for you and it can even flirt with you at times. But when not in the mood, she can tell to shut the F*** up. (it’s true)

The Goole assistant came very close to dethrone Siri but it lacked the humour quotient. It can also start a conversation but the responses were somewhat boring. This led Google Inc to hire comedy writers to take the assistant to the next level.

You can see the current responses here:

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A Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon is also trying to make similar kind of modifications to its assistant called Alexa. This shows that how Google’s new venture is making an impact on the other competitors in the market.

If the strategy works as expected, we will soon be seeing everyone enjoying and smiling while using Google Assistant. As we have mentioned before, every tech giant is now focusing on escalating the customer experience which in turn has increased the competitions and the consumers are enjoying the results.

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14 October 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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