Google can collect all kinds of data about its users via its search engine, the mobile operating system Android, the Chrome browser, YouTube, Maps, and several other services. All threads come together in the Google account. But how do you know what information Google has about you? We have the answer. In their Google account, users can see what information Google has saved about them. Google uses the data, among other things, for its advertising network and to improve its services. For Android users, in particular, it is worthwhile to take a look at the activity log from time to time and to clean up if necessary. We explain how to check what Google knows about you.

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Every Website Visited And Every Video Watched Is Saved

First, make sure that you are logged into your Google account and then go to An overview of all your activities on Google services opens. This shows which YouTube videos you have viewed, which websites you have visited, and where you were last with your Android smartphone. Even every search query is saved here, provided the user was logged into their account.

Google Knows And Saved These 3 Things About You

  • Web and app activity
  • Location history
  • YouTube history

In simple words, these 3 points are what google knows about you. You can search for past activities and delete them either collectively for a certain period of time or individually. You can also set a kind of expiration date, i.e. a period after which old activity data is automatically deleted.

Deactivate Location Tracking

There is also the option of prohibiting Google from collecting such activity data at all. To do this, simply set the slider under ‘Web and app activities’, ‘Location history’, or ‘YouTube history’ to Off. For example, so-called location tracking can also be deactivated on the smartphone.

Google Knows Location History
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Before falling into a deluge, however, you should note that this can have a negative impact on the user experience. Some convenient functions that have been used previously may no longer be available.

The Whole Google Universe Is Difficult To Survey

Under ‘Other Google activities’ there are further sub-categories in the context of YouTube or Google Maps. For example, if you have reacted to videos with a ‘Like’ or left a comment, you can view these contributions here and take back the reactions.

You can also manage your podcast subscriptions here, as well as online purchases and data from Google’s more or less well-known services Google News, Google Play, the Gboard keyboard, or the Stadia gaming service. A list of Play Store activities can also be found on the menu. Here you can see which apps you bought or installed for free. One of the most interesting things is the Chrome browser history, which you can see in detail.

All in all, it becomes clear how much different data Google collects about its users. At least those affected have the option of deleting the information. Provided you know where to find them.

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Note: Google can only link data to your user account as long as you are logged in. If you do not want browser data to be saved, for example, you can use Chrome without a Google account link. However, you will then also forego functions such as browser synchronization. An active Google account is also required to use certain Google services or on the Android smartphone.

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