How many times it has happened that you may be feeling something but you cannot express it in words. There are so many complicated emotions that are impossible to put in words. Well, you don’t know that English is not only a funny language but it is very vast too. There are so many words you probably don’t know exist. English has a word for your every feeling and emotion.  You just need to learn it and add it in your vocabulary.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain exactly how you feel and when you don’t know the term that expresses your emotions correctly, you don’t let it out. Even if you are feeling it in your heart you just can say it. But a bit of effort can change it. You can always learn and grow. Increasing your knowledge is always a good idea and it comes with a lot of other perks too.

We have gathered 11 most common words to define those feelings which cannot be explained easily.

Read And Express Better With These Words That Explains Some Undefined Feelings:

11. Finally You Know Why You Use It.


10. One Sided Lover Is Not The Word.

Trope9. Those Vibe You Carry And Get.


8. “Ummm! Aamir Khan” Is The Synonym I Guess.


7. You Would Love To Have This Experience.


6. “Itni Khushi! Itni Khushi!”


5. “Dhak-Dhak Karne Laga..!”


4. “Tumse Na Hoga” Is Just A State.


3. Every Girl’s Synonym Before She Gets Caught.


2. These People Are Called “Bhukkad”


1. “Kabke Bichde Huye Hum Aaj Yahan Aa Ke Miley!”


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27 Nov, 2015
Avni S. Singh

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