Despite the 2.45 Billion users of Facebook, it is not completely user-friendly. Or to put it in a better way, there is so much functionality in Facebook that, it sometimes is not easy to find some of the easiest things to do. So here are a few tips on how to delete people from your friends list. Since it can happen that you do not want to reveal your privacy to everyone, it is advisable to refresh your friend list from time to time. However, if you later regret deleting a friend from the list, you can add them again at any time. Just send him a friendship invitation. If you wish to Delete a friend on Facebook, this is how it works.

How to remove friend on facebook

To delete friends a few simple steps:

1. Go to ‘Account’ on Facebook(found on the top right).

2. A small window will open. There you need to select ‘Edit friends’.

3. This will open a new page that shows you all your friends on Facebook.

4. The last step is to click the ‘X’ box next to the friend you want to delete and confirm that you want to remove the friend. It is done.

With these 4 simple steps you can sort out your friend list as you wish. Do not be afraid to protect your privacy and reduce your friends list to important contacts. However, it is understandable that you can no longer access their photos or other files protected by privacy. Your deleted friend, however, also no longer has access to view your pictures. In this sense, have fun adding and removing friends if you now know how to do it.

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