In a world so utterly numb to real suffering out there, one wonders that it’s not such a bad idea to be having an active account of Facebook, even as the person whose account it is, is no more.

In what appears to be a piece of news that might send a shiver down your spine, Facebook has it that by 2070, the dead Facebook users may actually outnumber those who are alive.

Confused? Wondering what on earth is going on? Well, anyone would be, if such news is made available to someone, let alone a social media user or not.

The above stat was shared by the Big Data and Society journal.

But it turns out that in there being more dead users of Facebook, as predicted in 2070 than any who’re active, there’s a thing or two about the famous social media page that one’s got to admire.

Now you may enquire shockingly that what’s there to admire in this, right? But well, just think about it. There’s got to be something utterly catchy about Facebook that hundreds of thousands still continue to be attracted by the social-communication platform despite it being subjected to endless scrutiny ever since leaker Edward Snowden (former NSA) shared how the Zuckerberg organization was helping the United States in intelligence gathering operations.

But anyhow, strange are the ways of the world, aren’t they? There’s nothing one can possibly do about secret gathering of user information, unless and until one were a spook and that too, with a high-ranking position.

More on the news then surrounding dead Facebook users.

The study that found this rather startling information states that in about 50 years of time, the active Facebook users could well find themselves outnumbered by those who no longer exist, for real.

To quote a more detailed report that was published on NDTV, it’s worthwhile to note the following:

“These statistics give rise to new and difficult questions around who has the right to all this data, how should it be managed in the best interests of the families and friends of the deceased and its use by future historians to understand the past,” stated the lead author of the report Carl Ohman.

But that’s not all.

Mr. Ohman would go on to add, “The management of our digital remains will eventually affect everyone who uses social media since all of us will one day pass away and leave our data behind.”

The study published in the journal ‘Big Data and Society’, predicted that about 1.4 billion Facebook members will die before 2100. If the situation continues, the dead would be surpassing the number of alive, by 2070.

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