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Unlike live poker, online poker doesn’t involve much mind games. This aspect of online gaming has been a big draw for players who’d prefer to play poker without being affected by the other distractions that is synonymous with live games. The anonymity that online poker offers players is also one of the top reasons for its success.

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The lure of fast money, often associated with the online poker scene is ever on the rise in India. Indian poker sites have easy and secure transactions that ensure quick deposits and withdrawals. This is also a reason why many people are drawn towards online poker. Apart from hassle-free transactions, excellent customer service and generous bonuses have also been responsible for the surge of players registering on the various Indian online poker sites.

Indian players are buying into the game like never before. Players like Aditya Agarwal, Amit Jain, and Aditya Sushant are some of the foremost names in India’s online poker scene today. Not only have these players mastered live tables, but they have also taken to online poker like bees to honey.

Below are some of the foremost names (National and International) in online poker today:

Aditya Agarwal aka Adi Agarwal (PokerStars)

A native of Kolkata, Aditya Agarwal began his poker journey a decade back when he was an engineering and marketing student in the United States of America. A versatile player, he’s gone on to win big in both live games as well as online ones. Registered with the sites since 2004, Aditya has been recently roped in as a Team Pro player for PokerStars and will be representing the brand at the Asian Poker Championship along with fellow PokerStars Team Pro player from Brazil, former football maverick, Ronaldo Nazario.

Also, Kosei Ichinose and Aditya Agarwal will be the first PokerStars Team Pros from Japan and India. This has been a landmark in India’s online poker scene, as the move will significantly help promote poker as a serious sport in a space where the game is just in its nascent stage.

At the WSOP Main Event held in 2015, he was placed 71st with an impressive $96,445 cash out. He is the top-earning live and online player in India.

Chris Moneymaker (PokerStars)

The benchmark in online poker, Chris Moneymaker, turned the concept of online gaming into a whole new ballgame by winning the 2003 WSOP Main Event with a $40 buy in. Moneymaker has the distinction of being the first person to become a world champion by qualifying at an online poker site. His win has been instrumental in transforming the online trend over the past ten years, giving poker players the world over that even they could match up to his achievements.

Deemed as a one hit wonder by his detractors, Chris went on to have a huge online presence. He was placed 6th in the 2008 World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP) Main Event by PokerStars and took home over $139,000 for his finish.

Patrik Antonius aka FinddaGrind (Full Tilt Poker) or Patrik Antonius (Pokerstars)

When it concerns online poker, he’s a much-respected player in the online poker community. One of the most consistent players of his generation, besides his live feats, he has accumulated millions of dollars just playing online poker.

Before becoming a member of Team Full Tilt, Antonius played on the site under the nickname “FinddaGrind”. Notorious for his nosebleed stakes maneuvers on Full Tilt, in 2009, he went head-on with Victor Blom (Isildur1) in an epic heads-up session, resulting in the biggest pot in the history of online poker. 2005 saw the Finnish player winning his first EPT event at Baden bei Wien and also a second place at the WPT’s Five Diamond Poker Classic. His biggest winnings has been in online poker: he has won over $10 million since 2007.

Dan Cates aka jungleman12 (Full Tilt Poker) or w00ki3z (PokerStars)

As of 2014, American Dan Cates, with a win of $2,805,751 on Full Tilt Poker, emerged as the biggest online winner. After adding his winnings from PokerStars ($631,288), his total winnings went up to $3.437,039. With over $7 million in profits between 2009 and 2011, he is considered as one of the biggest online winners of all time.

As per statistics, his winning up till January 2015, on Full Tilt Poker adds up to $10,211,767. A true high stakes poker success story, Cates’ range of online poker games varies from Holdem (Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, and No Limit) to Omaha (e.g., Pot Limit Omaha). Even though he’s billed mainly as an online cash game pro, the American regularly plays many online tournaments.

Also, apart from the poker table, Cates is highly respected in the poker community for his insightful blog posts at CardRunners (where he serves as an instructor).

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