12 Popularly Misunderstood Acronyms And Their Meaning

The acronym is the abbreviations used as a word which is formed from the initial components in a phrase or a word. In this busy life and texting pro era, people tend to save their time and they use acronyms like FYI (For Your Information) and LOL(Laugh Out Loud) etc. to ease their time and typing.  Do you really know what do they mean?

Most of us do not understand every Acronym. We keep getting them wrong and decoding them as per our understanding. On the other hand,

Emoji’s are easy to understand. But the acronyms are the dark world. If you don’t know the full form you can look like a fool while exchanging text messages.

But we can save you from the embarrassment. All you need to do is to brush up your acronym knowledge. We have put together 12 acronyms and their meaning, popularly misunderstood by people. You need to just read them and keep them in mind, so the next time when somebody writes one, you know what does it mean. Simple as that!

Check Out These Popularly Misunderstood Acronyms:

12. Shake It Baby! Move Your Head This Time.


11. With Your BF/GF You Must Be Saying This A Lot.


10. Censor Will Not Like It.


9. Hope Opposition Use This Often. Humble, Anyone Listening.


8. Yay! Win! Win! Win! One For All And All For One.


7. Oops! Nopes You Better Don’t Do It.


6. After FYI Another Email To Spam Your Inbox.


5. Really. Who Is HONEST These Days. TBH.


4. After Good To Know And Need To Know.


3. Self Awareness Is The Key.


2. You Didn’t Get What I Said, Nevermind.


1. You Know What’s Hot These Days! IG Yay! Baby Follow Us.


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24 Nov 2015
Avni S. Singh

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