For every space exploration program, there are two things that are necessary. The financial help and a strong will to accomplish space travel. Unfortunately, according to a few scientists, it does not appear that in the near future it will be possible to travel far, like through the Milky Way.

So there are planets like Earth somewhere else?

There is much to suggest that earth-like planets also exist around distant suns, but our observation techniques today are not yet sufficient. In the meantime, over 300 planets have been detected around distant stars, but they are all more similar to the giant planets in our solar system, such as Jupiter. A few simple organic compounds have already been detected that could support life.

Enthusiasm about astronomy?

Unfortunately, the interest is relatively low amongst the governments all across the globe. The reason for the low interest in reaching the stars is that people are busy with their everyday life, filled with stress. On top of that, we have been prevented from looking at the stars for years. The sky is filled with air pollution and also by light pollution. Everything is illuminated nowadays, homes, monuments, churches, public buildings. There is not much of a sky you can see from the earth, especially in metropolitan areas.

Travel through space
World of weird things

It can be personally enriching to deal with the beautiful, quiet starry sky. And until you witness the possibilities that the stars have, by looking at them, the driving force or the will to reach or basic interest in astronomy is missing, which is necessary for major technological developments. In order to explore the universe, we need huge apparatus like telescopes and satellites. And astronomy also plays a major role in philosophy. It raises questions about where did man come from as part of the cosmos, and where do we go from here. The infinity of the universe shows us that we are only a small part of it.

If the will was strong, technically, we could have been on Mars long ago. After all, the first humans landed on the moon 40 years ago. If we had consistently continued this, we would have been much further ahead. After a long time, being on Mars is top on the list of many major space corporations but it seems to be delayed. The strong financial support is necessary, not only to send people into space but to educate the communities around the world, especially the young generation, so they work towards a unified goal of taking humanity amongst the stars.

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