Nikola Tesla, a prodigy born in Croatia known for his very many innovations and patents. He is known as the father of Alternating Current. Nikola Tesla facts will give you an insight into this genius mind. Tesla is known for his work but much of his personal life was under wraps.

Nikola Tesla facts

Here are some unknown Nikola Tesla facts:

1. Like many of Tesla’s inventions that weren’t created or tested, one of his inventions was the wireless internet and smartphones. In 1901, Tesla had the idea of gathering information, code it, change the frequency and transfer it into a handheld device, just like how smartphones work today.

2 .Tesla and his inventions are proof of the genius of a mind he had. He was blessed with amazing memory which was the base where he would get ideas for his inventions. He could also visualize in 3D which helped him to foresee all sides of his invention before creating it.

3. After his death in 1943, all his documents were classified and kept by the government of the United States. While few of his works were given to his family members, most of his patents and inventions are kept in secret by the government.

4. It is believed that Tesla was born when lightning struck. His mother was halfway under labor when lightning struck. The midwife considered this as a bad omen but his mother said that he will be a child of light. And truly so.

Nikola Tesla facts
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5. While we struggle for 8 hours of sleep or manage to sleep for more than 10 hours at one go, Tesla slept for 2 hours only. Imagine working for 22 hours straight, maybe that is why we have so many inventions by him!

6. Cheers to a long life! Tesla believed that drinking whiskey everyday would help him live up to 150 years. After the prohibition came during the World War I, he gave up on all beverages except milk and water.

7. Tesla was a man so devoted to his work that he never married or had any serious affair with any lady. He thought that this will distract him from his work and his aim in life. He, however in his final days regretted this and realized that he made too great a sacrifice for his work.

Facts About Nikola Tesla
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8. A scientist, an inventor, a great engineer and also a feminist. Tesla believed that in the future a new societal standing will come where the female will be superior after all the struggles the society faces with sex equality.

9. Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison were ‘currently’ at war. Tesla backed the AC current whereas Edison backed the DC current. At that time, Edison was a renowned personality so most of the people backed him. Due to which Tesla didn’t get the recognition he deserved.

10. Tesla predicted the internet long before anyone else did. He proposed that in the next few years to come, there would be a global wireless communication system that would connect the entire world.

Tesla Facts
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11. Despite being stuck to his work all day long, Tesla loved to relax for a while for taking care of pigeons and nursing them back to health. He used to feed them at the park and bring the injured ones to his room and treat them there.

12. There is a statue of Nikola Tesla in the Silicon Valley. An interesting fact about that statue is that it contains a time capsule which would be opened only in the year 2043 as a token of respect for this man. This statue also radiates free WiFi as the man envisioned many years back.

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