Smartphones have become an imperative part of our day to day lives and we tend to buy the best phone we can get in our budget. When we research about the gadgets we have to buy, we tend to ignore its less important features and focus our research on the common features. The scenario is the same worldwide, barring some tech enthusiasts, who want to grab information about every feature and stay up to date with latest technologies.

There is nothing to be embarrassed of, around 70 percent of the world population doesn’t care about these tiny features. One of such feature is the black hole between the camera and flash of an iPhone. Many would say that they are the pro in using an iPhone or they know what they need to know about their phone but the fact is, this tiny hole plays a pivotal role in their phone’s operations.

Here is the purpose of this unrecognisable spot:

The tiny dot is a microphone, incredible right? This is not it, an iPhone has three microphones. Yes, you heard it right, THREE MICROPHONES!!

Their main motive is Noise Cancellation (see how apple is pampering you). No one debate on why iPhones are the most bought smartphones in the market, they have the technology to be a world leader. Now it is our duty to know, that to what extend they are useful for us.

1. Primary Mic
The first microphone is actually a voice receiver but it also functions as a voice cancellation machine. When you are in a place which has lots of voice disturbances, it deflects the other hindrances and makes your voice clear for the person on the other end of the call. How thoughtful.

2. Secondary Mic at the top
The secondary microphone located at the top, near the headset, acts as the primary mic when your phone is on loudspeaker mode(also while using Skype and Facetime). The primary mic stops functioning automatically in such conditions. You would be thinking, where the noise cancellation went? Don’t worry, it’s right there.

When your phone is in the loudspeaker mode, many unwanted voices tend to hinder the voice quality in this condition and this is where the voice cancellation mechanism helps. It deflects those unwanted hindrances which make the pleasant in loudspeaker mode.

3. Secondary Mic at the rear end
This mic is situated between the camera and the flash of an iPhone and its main purpose is to pick up surrounding noise while recording an HD video. This makes the voice more detailed and the video more realistic.

Here is video that explains the process:

There you go. Now you can brag in front of your friends about this recently acquired knowledge and become the one who knows everything.

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14 October 2016
Rohan Jaitly

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