Security researchers at have expressed concerns about various beauty and camera apps. They installed various Android applications and observed which permissions they asked for. The researcher also took a look at the developers of the respective apps.

They were also able to identify developers who had previously been criticized for malware or spying. Apps developed by Meitu, for example, have been classified as malware in the past, while others violated the guidelines of the Google Play Store. Another beauty app opened the camera on its own on the smartphone without asking for authorizations.

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In a nutshell, these 30 apps, which have been installed around 1.4 billion times, are questionable. In addition, they have functions that you can also find in trusted apps. For this reason, researchers have criticized them and advised users to uninstall the following apps.

  • BeautyPlus – Easy Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  • BeautyCam
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera
  • Beauty Camera Plus – Sweet Camera Makeup Photo
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & Photo Editor
  • YouCam Perfect – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  • Sweet Snap – Beauty Selfie Camera & Face Filter
  • Sweet Selfie Snap – Sweet Camera, Beauty Cam Snap
  • Beauty Camera – Selfie Camera with Photo Editor
  • Beauty Camera – Best Selfie Camera & Photo Editor
  • B612 – Beauty & Filter Camera
  • Face Makeup Camera & Beauty Photo Makeup Editor
  • Sweet Selfie – Selfie Camera & Makeup Photo Editor
  • Selfie camera – Beauty Camera & Makeup camera
  • YouCam Perfect – Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  • Beauty Camera Makeup Face Selfie, Photo Editor
  • Selfie camera – beauty camera
  • Z Beauty Camera
  • HD Camera Selfie Beauty Camera
  • Candy Camera – selfie, beauty camera, photo editor
  • Makeup Camera-Selfie Beauty Filter Photo Editor
  • Beauty Selfie Plus – Sweet Camera Wonder HD Camera
  • Selfie Camera – Beauty Camera & AR Stickers
  • Pretty Makeup, Beauty Photo Editor & Selfie Camera
  • Beauty camera
  • Beast – Camera360 Beauty Cam
  • Photo Editor – Beauty Camera
  • Beauty Makeup, Selfie Camera Effects, Photo Editor
  • Selfie cam – bestie makeup beauty camera & filters

If you have these apps on your phone, you might be at risk because your data might not be safe. To be on the safe side, you should always read the permissions that are requested by apps before installing them on your phone. If an app asks for permissions that you think they don’t need, you can either deny them that permission or refrain from installing that app at all.

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