A smartphone is perhaps one of the essential parts of our lives, these days, and with a host of new launches every year, choosing the best one according to your needs or the one with the most high-end hardware becomes a very hectic task.

However, if you are aware of the smartphone trends that will dominate the current year and know what the world is expecting from the next flagship or a mid-budget offering, you might get hold of ‘The One’ handset that you should buy in the coming days.

On the other hand, with smartphones getting faster, more powerful, thinner while becoming the best portable medium for multimedia consumption as well as camera capabilities. Since the smartphone world is an ever-changing space, it’s good to know about the kind of trends companies are going to follow in order to opt for the best handset.

Moreover, if you thought that 2017 was the peak of advancements in the smartphone business, here are 5 smartphone trends of 2018 that are going to bring another set of game-changing features to the industry and become the benchmarks for every single manufacturer.

Smartphone Trends Of 2018: 5 Things To Expect From This Year’s Launches

1. 18:9 Aspect Ratio To Be Seen Everywhere

Smartphone Trends Of 2018 (3)16: 9 is a thing of the past. With edge-to-edge displays being made available in the sub-Rs 20,000 segment, 18:9 aspect ratio is where all the action is now. It was LG that introduced this feature first with the LG G6 smartphone and them with the Q6 in the mid-budget segment, but now it has been opted by almost one and all. Smartphone brands like Honor, Xiaomi, Vivo and even Micromax are offering 18:9 aspect ratio with prices being as low as Rs 10,000.

2. Snapdragon 845 Processor To Bring More Power

Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 SoCWith the introduction of Snapdragon 845 processor, we can expect almost all flagship smartphones of 2018 to boast of the latest chipset. This also means that the SD 835 SoC will travel down to an even more budgeted segment, especially under the Rs 30,000-mark.

3. The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

artificial intelligence in smartphones

With tech giants like Google, Apple, Amazon and even Honor laying so much emphasis on Artificial Intelligence (AI), it’s perhaps a matter of time when all smartphone manufacturers start offering this in their devices. Honor already has its AI-powered smartphone, the View 10 and the feature has become the buzzword for becoming one of the biggest smartphone trends of 2018.

A recent study by Gartner event highlighted the fact that by 2022 almost 80% of smartphones will have AI capabilities while the number stood at 10% in 2017.

4. Android Oreo

Android Oreo GoThe biggest complaint users have with Android smartphones is that they rarely come with the latest Operating System which is evident with the low number of handsets having Android Oreo out of the box. Only a handful of smartphones like Sony Xperia and Honor View 10 have been launched with the new OS in 2017, however, with users getting aware of the smartphone world with each passing day, we can expect a lot of companies t ship their handsets with Android Oreo in 2018.

5. Dual Cameras To Become A Norm

Smartphone Trends Of 2018Gone are the days when selfie cameras were the ‘in’ thing. In the last couple of years, the dual-camera setup has become some sort of benchmark in the flagship segment, with companies like Honor offering quad-cameras, even in the mid-budget segment with Honor 9i.

While a dual rear camera setup has already become quite popular in 2017, front dual sensors weren’t really seen on many of the devices. However, 2018 will witness dual cameras go completely mainstream and it won’t come as a surprise if it becomes a norm in the budgeted segment, as well.

Other than that, Smartphone Trends Of 2018 will also include manufacturers trying to offer wireless charging and USB Type-C ports in the mid-budget segment while the year will also mark the beginning of Under-Display fingerprint scanner with Vivo said to be the first one to use this technology.