OMG! Apple’s Calculator Has Backspace Function And Most iPhone Users Have No Idea About It!

Have you been in a situation when you were calculating on iOS through the default app and mistyped a number? Of course, you do and then you would have had to do the entire calculation all over again because let’s admit it apart from the tech nuts most of iPhone users have no idea that the iOS Calculator app has a backspace feature.

Surprising? Well, it is the truth. While we cursed Apple for missing the backspace feature, it was always there (Well, at least from iOS 4). Yes, we admit that Apple has missed that design memo with iOS as there is no dedicated button but the feature exists.

We may have lived unknown to this feature but now that the tech world had Twitter to reveal all of its secrets in a jiffy and circulate it like the fire we now know how we can calculate even after making a mistake. Someone figured out the stock calculator actually has the backspace feature and posted on Twitter and since then people are going nuts about it.

Here Is The Video:

See how simple it is. All you have to do is to swipe left or right to remove the mistyped digit and voila! Problem solved.

It’s actually surprising that such an important feature was overlooked for so long as delete is one of the most basic functions involved in any app but it happened. So if you are one of those people who had no idea about this backspace feature. gather your friends (iPhone users only) and show off!  

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