Without a doubt, Apple happens to be one of the world’s most influential and interesting brands. In fact, truth be told, it may not be incorrect to say that while there are brands on the one hand, there also happen to be some that directly engage with audiences in a way few others can.

That told, among the myriad Apple products, a hot-seller is the iPhone 7. It’s a revered product. It is not? Not that told, here’s what you need to know and hey, this may just bring a smile onto your face.

Well, at this point in time, the news coming in from Apple is that the famous iPhone 7 is going to be made in India. Now, this may instantly pose a question to our curious minds: how did this happen? How come all of a sudden- when the famous smartphone was being manufactured elsewhere- has the decision been made to make it in India?

Apparently, there’s no two ways about an assured fact: the cost of making iPhone 7 devices here in India is much cheaper vis-a-vis that of importing them due to duty sops.

Now the above development is rather interesting, not only from the perspective of possible users of the gadget having the freedom to buy it at will (in the course of the imminent future) but also given the fact that iPhone SE and iPhone 6S are already manufactured in India.

In an E-mail statement made to the public, Apple made a formal announcement of the latest development and shared the following piece of communication:

In addition to the above, Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron, a brand that happens to make iPhone SE and 6s models based out if its plant on the outskirts of Bangalore has been making the iPhone 7 phones in the country and that too, from the beginning of March.

Now, in lines with this news, what’s important is to note whether there might be some expectation about the prices of the iPhone being dropped? And to that end, there’s been no communication or confirmation, at least at this point in time.

Having said that, what’s important is to note that in the coming days, there could be some aggressive marketing and sales tactics that could be expected from the end of Apple. And here’s what one can expect.

From the margins that one will expect Apple to make from the new destination of iPhone 7 production, a stream of funds shall be dedicated toward marketing and sales of the product in the times to come.

All said and done, one of the most emphatic things to note in this move is that the decision regarding iPhone 7’s manufacturing and production in the world’s largest democracy is a part of the “Make in India” movement, which happens to be a part of the PM and hence, ruling party’s vision for the country.

The Economic Times, reporting on the matter in greater detail happened to share the following:

“iPhone 7 is a low risk kind of product for Apple to make out of India. To that extent, it (local manufacturing of iPhone 7) is about revalidating Apple’s India manufacturing capability before they scale up to other models,” said Navkender Singh, research director at IDC India.

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