How Many ‘Working Hours’ Of Yours Can Get You An iPhone6 (16GB)

iPhone has turned everyone’s eye from the day it launched in 2007. It has always ruled the market through its design and technology. Lately iPhone is another status symbol or we can say that the price of iPhone 6 comes in expensive gadget category due to which the affordability gives you the chance to stand in queue of affluence. So, if you are dishearten that you are not rich then do read the article to know how many working hours of yours can get you an iPhone6 (16GB). The Statista chart which represent the working hours in selected cities is based on the Swiss Bank UBS- ‘the prices and earning reports.’

Report illustrates about the monumental difference in earnings of people in selected cities and their purchasing power. The number of hours that have been calculated is based on the net hourly wages for 15 professions across 11 job sectors. If you want to know how many hours can earn you an iPhone then check the list of cities below or you can also calculate the number of hours you can ‘put in’ to reward yourself with an iPhone.

At some places you just need to devote 20 hours and at some place you have to toil hard for more than 600 hours. There are cities in the world that can fetch you an iPhone while working below 45 hours. Even 20 hours of work can help you in bringing iPhone in your hands, however for that you should be in city like Zurich as the city itself is an affluent one, it is easy to earn ‘good’ amount there.  If you are in Sydney then you need to work for 34 hours to have an iPhone 6 (16GB). Well, in case of Australia we have to confess that Android is quickly approaching parity there with iOS. Our Next door competitor and also neighbor China is way ahead of us, if one is in Beijing then the number of hours one has to put is 217.8, however if one is in Mumbai then one has to put in efforts for 348.4 hours. Well, we can console ourselves as the person in Kiev (Ukraine) has to toil hard for 627.2 hours.

Infographic: The Working Time Required To Buy An iPhone 6 | StatistaSo, if you want to possess iPhone, calculate your number of working hours and start working on your action plan. Best of Luck!

16 November 2015

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